Kuwait to develop "gay detector"

The world is reacting to the Kuwaiti Director of Public Health , Yousuf Mindkar's, absurd efforts to create a clinical screening at airports that would detect LGBT people, preventing them from entering the country. Being LGBT is banned in 78 countries including all of those that make up the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC). The proposal will be unveiled at the Central Committee for foreign workers’ at the Health Council on November 11th.

These discriminatory and absurd actions may have a longstanding effect on the GCC's relationships with other countries. Already, there has been a call for a boycott of the 2022 World Cup which is to take place in Qatar. Peter Tatchell, founder of the Peter Tatchell Foundation a London based human rights advocacy organization. He says this new 'gay detector' means that "gay players and spectators will be banned from attending the football world cup. This contradicts previous assurances given to FIFA by the Qatar government that everyone will be welcome and that there will be no discrimination." Read the full article here