Kenneth in the 212 takes on growing up gay, discovering NYC with "heart-warming humor"

Kenneth in the (212) blogger, writer, and editor Kenneth M. Walsh has released his first book, "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?".

The memoir captures Kenneth's quirky childhood and, as a young man in his 20's navigating being gay, his dedicated efforts to move to New York City. Readers are granted a window into youthful adventures, life's twists and turns, road bumps, and reflections that Watch What Happens L!ve's Andy Cohen describes as "heart-warming and hilarious!"

"I think many of us who felt different were savvy enough to figure out pretty early on that big cities were where people like us could find acceptance. And if you were into music, films or writing -- like I was -- it became do-or-die," Kenneth recently told The Huffington Post about his determination to move to The Big apple.

Editorial Director of the book's publisher, Magnus, Don Weise said in a statement, "Kenneth has a huge following online that has been asking for a book from him so I'm very pleased to say it's now available. While he's been compared to Augusten Burroughs and David Rakoff, he has a voice and humor all his own."

Along with his own blog, Kenneth is a contributor to The Huffington Post and his work has been featured on Gawker, BuzzFeed, New York Magazines' Daily Intel,,, and Vh1's Best Week Ever. He is already working on his second book.

You can read Kenneth's blog here and find him on Twitter at @kenneth212. "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" is available now.



Photo Credit: GLAAD

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