Join Janet Mock on Google+ for a book reading and conversation today at 3PM EST

At 3PM EST today, join trans advocate Janet Mock as she reads live from her New York Times Best Selling memoir, Redefining Realness, and answer questions from you and all participants via Google+.

In anticipation of this afternoon's event, viewers have already begun posting on the event. One commenter, Celia Virginia Harquail, wrote, "Many memoirs are interesting, but not very many of them have a sensitive political insight to go alongside the personal insight. For me, this was a significant bonus of the book, and so I'd like to know about Janet's learning journey."

Another participant, Mark Travis Rivera, added, "I love the universal story of the book; we are all trying to discover and define what it means to be ourselves. What it means to be authentic in a world that often tries to tell us that our realness is unacceptable."

Tune in today at 3PM to hear Janet read from Redefining Realness and to hang out with more than one hundred folks for the Q&A! You can find the Google+ Hangout here. We'll be watching, will you?