Jewish daily newspaper describes struggles faced by transgender campers

The Jewish Daily Forward published a piece today describing the difficulties faced by transgender campers, with a focus on those attending Jewish summer camps.

Transgender campers face many alienating situations at camp: some have problems securing the bunk assignments and access to bathrooms that would make them feel safe, or encounter a lack of understanding from their counselors and peers.  

The discomfort experienced by transitioning campers has led many to stop attending camp, or instead to switch to camps that are explicitly for trans and queer children, like Camp Aranu'tiq and Camp Ten Trees.

Jewish summer camps around the country are slowly figuring out how to accommodate trans and gender non-conforming campers. Camp JRF, a Reconstructionist camp in the Poconos, has made small but concrete steps towards transgender inclusion, including posting signage on gender-neutral bathrooms and training staff to be supportive of all identities.

This piece is part of the Forward's continuing coverage of transgender members of the Jewish community, which you can read more about here.