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Commentator Accountability Project subjects greet election results with predictable fire and brimstone

As one might expect, those monitored by GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project had much to say about Tuesday's election—and much of if it was predictably anti-LGBT in tone.Read More

Anti-gay activists once again misuse the phrase 'out of context'

Just about any time an anti-gay group or individual is caught saying something that is obviously out-of-touch with mainstream America, the spin machine hops into overdrive and the messenger-shooting begins. Always, the claim is that the comments were taken "out of context." Read More

Purple/People: This day is about more than just the clothes

GLAAD consultant Jeremy Hooper talks about the striking parallels between the work we do on the Commentator Accountability Project and the awareness we are raising on #SpiritDay.

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CNN's Carol Costello challenges Bryan "the Nazis were gay" Fischer

Personally, I see a CNN anchor holding a noted voice of extremism accountable for just one of his many acts of verbal aggression plucked from one of his man years of targeted hostilty. Read More

NY Times profiles Frank Schubert; here's what they skipped

The New York Times published a profile of anti-gay campaign architect Frank Schubert, but it fails to hold him accountable for the speech and actions of those he has tasked with carrying out his campaigns.

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Modern families still face denigration

Sunday's Emmy awards reminded us all of how today's America values families like Mitchell and Cam from "Modern Family." But what do anti-LGBT activists have to say about these families?

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FRC knows how to say sorry; we're waiting for more

Jeremy Hooper has a question for Family Research Council's Tony Perkins.

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Equality Matters' Carlos Maza pulls mask off NOM's victim routine

Carlos Maza from Equality Matters went undercover at a conference run by the education fund of the National Organization for Marriage to see exactly what is "inspiring" anti-gay activists these days.

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