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Tony Perkins warns his supporters: When you talk, people might listen

On his radio show, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins had this to say about pastors and other conservative voices who might say anti-LGBT things:

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Is Bryan Fischer the leader of our 'talk radio nation'?

Bryan Fischer's inflammatory and anti-gay rhetoric is being used to define America's conservative viewpoints in the eyes of the world - and this is something that conservatives should be worried about.Read More

Video: Wayne Besen holds Peter Sprigg accountable

Today, Wayne Besen scored a major win when he silenced Peter on-air by using comments from his Commentator Accountability Project profile and was then backed up by CNN anchor Carol Costello.Read More

Liveblogging Tony Perkins' new radio show (5PM ET)

Anti-gay activist Tony Perkins is launching a new radio show today. We're liveblogging it.

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Linda 'gays are Satan's plan' Jernigan to lobby IL lawmakers

Who is anti-LGBT activist Linda Jernigan, and what does she believe? Let's examine.

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What's Cardinal George really en'COURAGE'ing? Illinois media should ask.

Chicago's Cardinal Francis George is getting much media attention for a letter to parishioners in which he condemns civil marriage equality for same-gender couples in the state of Illinois. But there's another element to this story that deserves the same amount of media attention.

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New York Times Quotes Extreme Anti-LGBT Activist Without Telling Readers Who She Is

Laurie Higgins is an extremely vehement opponent of LGBT rights. But how did The New York Times cite the IFI and Laurie in a Christmas weekend article covering the fight for marriage equality in Illinois? See for yourself.

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Key questions for Justice Scalia (*that don't involve comparing me to a murderer)

While many in the media are talking about Justice Antonin Scalia having compared being gay to murder, Jeremy Hooper is calling on the media to dig deeper.

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