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FRC's Sprigg admits it: ENDA opponents want 'right' to brand LGBT people as 'immoral'

Peter Sprigg makes it pretty clear: He simply wants employers' "right" to brand us immoral.

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Forget merely anti-gay: FRC is a pro-'reorientation' organization

Peter Sprigg doesn't want an evangelical school to tolerate its LGBT students. Rather, he's calling for "ex-gay" class on campus.

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Your gayness makes Pat Robertson, and the Earth, vomit

Gay people - has the land vomited you out yet? If not, be patient, Pat Robertson says it's coming. Read More

Anatomy of a truth-stretch: Far-right pundits do Cornel West a nasty disservice

Rush Limbaugh and anti-gay bloggers pull quotes out of context to try to pit African-American commentator and academic Cornel West against the LGBT community. They should have listened to his whole speech.

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NOM's Roback Morse fights her own imaginary enemy: Hollywood

NOM's Jennifer Roback Morse says Hollywood has unfairly shaped public opinion—and she's fighting mad about it!

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Animus? Who, Us?

Anti-gay activists yesterday COULD NOT BELIEVE that anyone would ever accuse DOMA supporters of being driven by "animus." ... Really?

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Holding the fantastic 'Constitution USA' accountable for one glaring oversight

Robert George, talking about why he believes the Supreme Court should stay out of the marriage conversation, leaves out his role as an architect of the anti-gay industry.

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Anti-LGBT commentators vs. responsibility: One case study on a larger problem

Tony Perkins is still hung up on a speech he got dis-invited from giving three years ago, and is still pretending to be the victim in the story.

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