Jay-Z Speaks Out in Support of Marriage Equality

In a recent CNN interview, rapper Jay-Z spoke out in favor of President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality for same-sex couples.  He described the President's stance on marriage equality as “the right thing to do as a human being,” and said that to deny marriage to same-sex couples is “discrimination, plain and simple.”

Speaking about the fact that marriage for gay and lesbian couples is not currently recognized nationwide, he said “I’ve always thought it as something that's still holding the country back.”  Jay-Z has been a longtime supporter of President Obama; performing at his inauguration and raising funds for his campaign. 

With his comments in support of marriage equality, Jay-Z joins countless other entertainers and public figures echoing President Obama’s assertion that marriage between same-sex couple should be legally recognized.  GLAAD thanks Jay-Z for adding his voice to the conversation and recognizing the need for full marriage equality.  Watch his interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow below.


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