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Turning to non-traditional outlets for help: one LGBT immigrant's story

LGBTQ immigrant organizers turn to GoFundMe and other non-traditional outlets to tell their story and ask for support. Alex Aldana has a campaign on the site that he is hoping will get his story out.

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Toma Accion: #SomosElSur explora las diversas y complejas vidas de personas en el sur de los EE.UU.

Una campaña fotográfica busca compartir las diferentes identidades y realidades de la gente del sur de los Estados Unidos usando #SomosElSur y #WeareTheSouth en ingles.

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In Oregon, LGBT lives are at a crossroads

Imagine what it would be like not to be able to complete errands or respond to an emergency because you did not have access to a driver's license. Many undocumented immigrants, transgender people and those who share these intersected identities deal with this every day.Read More

Russian gay man wins asylum in Argentina

Advocates in Argentina share the good news as a Russian man they worked with won refugee status. In a statement FALGBT congratulated their country on opening their doors to someone fleeing persecution for being LGBT and urged others to the same.

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Puerto Ricans react to Judge's decision

Judge Gimenez Perez' decision to dismiss the marriage equality case in Puerto Rico disappointed many Puerto Ricans both inside and outside the island. Advocates are not giving up though and will appeal the case.

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A powerful Latina lesbian at the top of two lists

A Latina lesbian woman makes both People en Español's list and the Latino GLBT History Project's list of powerful and important leaders. Ingrid M. Duran has a great personal story to share and has also contributed to creating a space for more Latin@ LGBT people to tell their stories.

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Transgender woman files claim against police in Dominican Republic

A trans woman in the Dominican Republic has been brutalized by police there according to articles in two papers there. Activists say that there have been a recent spate of such incidents and are calling for investigations.

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Univision's great Spirit Day coverage

Segments, photos and messages for #spiritday from Univision, Maria Elena Salinas, Enrique Santos and Despierta America among others shared important information about the impact of bullying on LGBT people.

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