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A historic LGBT candidacy in the Dominican Republic

42-year-old Deivis Ventura is the first openly gay man running for a seat as a diputado, or representative in the Dominican Republic's equivalent of the House of Representatives. His candidacy comes with the support of the Ciudadanos Más, an initiative to position leaders from traditionally excluded minorities in the political field.

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Y los nominados de la 27ª edición de los Premios GLAAD son ... #glaadawards

GLAAD anunció los nominados de la 27ª edición de los Premios GLAAD para los Medios de Comunicación. Los Premios GLAAD reconocen y honran los medios por la representación equitativa, exacta, justa e inclusiva de la comunidad LGBT y los temas que afectan sus vidas. Los Premios GLAAD también apoyan el trabajo de GLAAD de amplificar las historias de la comunidad LGBT y los temas que contribuyen al apoyo para la igualdad.

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An anthem to love from a popular judge on Univision's La Banda

A judge from the popular boy band competition show on Univision has a released a song and video dedicated to true love that includes a lesbian couple and a gay couple.

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First trans woman elected to Venezuelan National Assembly

Tamara Adrián became the first trans woman elected to Venezuelan National Assembly today when she won her seat during the elections held there on Sunday, December 6, 2015.

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Every happy family is different: recognition for diverse families in Latin America

Happy families all start with love, but that doesn't mean they look the same. For years children have been raised by grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles, single moms, single dads, two moms, two dads, transgender parents, etc., but not all of these families are recognized at the hospital, in the schoolyard or the court house. In Latin America, a lot of LGBT advocates are finding creative ways to shine a light on diverse families.Read More

Help these youth come out

A campaign ending in 2 days needs your help getting the word out to queer immigrant youth so that their stories can be counted. It's called the #nomoreclosets campaign and queer immigrant youth can participate by taking pictures and posting on social media.Read More

In Colombia, a win for LGBT families

The Colombia Constitutional Court granted a victory to children with gay and lesbian parents in the country by ruling that sexual orientation could not be considered as an in impediment to adoption. "It is an unacceptable violation of her/his rights to deny a child a family based solely on the sexual orientation of the couple," read the ruling in part.

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La Casa Blanca se enfoca en registrar miembros de la comunidad LGBT para el periodo de registración abierta de La Ley del Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Precio

El periodo para inscribirse bajo La Ley del Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Precio acaba de empezar, pero la fecha límite para participar se aproxima rápidamente. Familias, parejas, e individuos LGBT pueden aplicar para un plan de seguro médico que es equitativo e igual hasta el 31 de enero, 2016. Pueden visitar el sitio web durante este periodo de inscripción abierto para encontrar un plan de seguro médico de acuerdo a su presupuesto y sus necesidades médicas.

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