Ice Bucket Challenge Comes Home: A Real Life Look at a Gay Couple Facing ALS

José Cofiño wrote an op-ed for Frontiers LA about his ALS diagnosis, his life and fight against the disease with partner Ben Trust, and what the ice bucket challenge means to him.

My partner of 16 years, Ben Trust and I figured we would live a long life together. We were both healthy, regulars at the gym, and also loved to hike. We ate the right things and used sunscreen. As with many in the gay community, the way we looked was important. Then, slowly, I began to have cramping in my legs and abs, and twitching in my arms and legs. I thought nothing of it until after two days of hiking and bike riding, I collapsed when I got off my bike.Several visits to neurologists, including two visits to the Mayo clinic, revealed the truth we were dreading – I was diagnosed with ALS.

Read José's story on Frontiers LA's website and visit his website here.