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How can my workplace stand against bullying for #SpiritDay on October 17?


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Spirit Day is right around the corner on Thursday, October 17th, and there's still time for your workplace to register as a Spirit Day partner and be featured on GLAAD's website.

Every year, coworkers wear purple on Spirit Day in a stand against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. Observed annually since 2010, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, and public figures wear purple, which symbolizes 'spirit' on the rainbow flag. Getting involved is easy: Wear purple or go purple online on October 17th and help create a world in which LGBT youth are celebrated and accepted for who they are. Learn more. at

Last year, leading advertising company McCann Erikson went purple for Spirit Day, encouraging their employees to wear purple and taking photos of their employees with a purple Spirit Day sign. Check out the McCann Erikson photos below for inspiration!

If you, your co-workers, and your employees take the pledge, wear purple on the 17th, turn your company website and social media profile pictures purple, and--of course--sign up to be a Spirit Day corporate or organizational partner, you will help put an end to anti-LGBT bullying.


  1. GET EMPLOYEES INVOLVED: Send a message out to employees of your company encouraging everyone to participate in Spirit Day on October 17th. GLAAD can provide sample text.
  2. TURN YOUR COMPANY'S LOGO PURPLE: Whether it's on your homepage or social media, show your support by turning your logo purple on Spirit Day. Turn your official Facebook and Twitter profile photos purple on Spirit Day at
  3. SHARE YOUR SUPPORT: Speak out or post a photo of your CEO or staff in purple to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr using hashtag #SpiritDay.
    Suggested post: Join me in going purple for #SpiritDay 10/17 to support LGBT youth. Go purple here:

Visit our Spirit Day website to find out more!

More photos from McCann Erikson are below.


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