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Groupon joins the call for marriage equality in Illinois


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The social marketing company Groupon has added its voice to the millions of people calling for marriage equality in Illinois. Groupon has long been a strong supporter of marriage equality in Illinois. Last week, they released a video, produced by Groupon employees, to showcase that support.

The video features Groupon employees talking about why marriage equality is important to them, either as an LGBT person or as an ally.

Groupon will also participate in the March on Springfield, busing interested employees to the rally that day in support of marriage equality on October 22, the scheduled first day of the fall veto session of the Illinois state legislature. The “March on Springfield” is part of a broad grassroots strategy to secure final passage of Senate Bill 10, the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act,” already approved by the Illinois Senate. Once adopted, Illinois will become the 14th state plus the District of Columbia, to treat all of its citizens equally under state marriage laws.

Corporate support for marriage equality was a major influence in Minnesota and Washington's lead up to marriage equality in those states. Groupon's public support can only help the Illinois effort for marriage equality

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