Great Britain's Channel 4 shines a spotlight on vigilante anti-LGBT groups

Just as the world tunes into the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Great Britain's Channel 4 aired a documentary that looks at the anti-LGBT vigilante groups that have been attacking gay men in Russia.

The documentary "Hunted" has given greater attention to the wave of anti-LGBT violence that has cropped up, especially after Russia passed its 'anti-propaganda' law.

Warning: violent images are included in the video.

The propaganda law, passed unanimously last summer, has been widely condemned as isolating Russia's gay, lesbian and transgender community. But one often-overlooked feature of it is that it is now illegal to make even "neutral" references to under 18s about "non-traditional" relations. In other words, the only acceptable public comments are bound to be negative.

And the level of hostility towards gay people is eye-watering. In St Petersburg we met Timur Isaev, a married father of one. His group, Parents of Russia, targets gay and lesbian teachers. He offers cash to anyone who gives him information: "This is Russia. This is hell for homosexuals," he tells us laughingly. "...they should get used to it."

Read the full story at Channel 4. GLAAD's Global Voices: 2014 Sochi Olympics Playbook encourages more media to investigate and report on anti-LGBT vigilante groups in Russia. More US and international media need to shine a spotlight on these atrocious actions, so that they will stop.

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