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Grassroots LGBT organization, Queer Rising, to hold rally and march in NYC


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Queer Rising, a grassroots LGBTQ organization that prides itself on demanding queer rights through direct action is holding a rally on May 15th. "Queers taking back the night" will begin at 7PM, in front of the Madison Square Garden. In connection with the NYPD, Queer rising hopes to bring more awareness to the recent attacks against members of the LGBTQ community in the neighboring area.

Queer rising was founded in late 2009 and since has held events and protests in the fight for LGBTQ rights here in New York City. Using unique methods to gain the attention of lawmakers, Queer Rising previously crashed New York State Senator Addobbos birthday/fundraising party and held marriage equality action rallies. They will march, along with GLAAD, the Anti-Violence Project, and other LGBT and community organizations. 



Members of the LGBTQ community, especially people of color and transgender women fall victim to hate crimes at a much higher rate than other individuals. The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCVAP) released an infographic highlighting the statistics of said attacks. With the recent string of crimes in NYC, it can be said the number of attacks has not decreased since 2011. Immediate community and police action is needed to catch criminals that commit these crimes. Showing the community will not allow future attacks on individuals based on their gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation is the mission of tomorrows rally.



Individuals who find themselves the victim of a hate crime can utilize organizations such as the Anti-Violence Project, which has a 24 Hour crisis intervention hotline that is bi-lingual and provides immediate crisis, short and long term counseling from trained professionals.

(212) 714-1141 24 Hour hotline

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