Google's new Nexus ad features gay couple

Google's new wedding-themed "I do" ad for the Nexus 5 features a gay couple among a variety of happy newlyweds. The ad showcases the tablet's advanced camera and its ability to capture important life movements. Google has been a steadfast supporter of the movement for marriage equality and LGBT rights in the United States and around the world. It was one of the first companies to offer reimbursements to LGBT couples penalized by the federal tax code. In 2012, it launched its "Legalize Love" initiative which aims to use Google's economic and cultural clout to push for the decriminalization of gay people and the elimination of homophobia. They have also been enthusiastic supporters of Spirit Day, promoting anti-bullying messages on its website and social media. The ad is an important step in normalizing gay couples marrying for the public and shows growing mainstream acceptance of LGBT people.

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