The GLAAD Wrap: Dirty Girl Opens and Rosie Returns

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) Opening in theaters this weekend is Dirty Girl, the latest film from The Weinstein Company, producer Christine Vachon, and writer/director Abe Sylvia. Set in the hyper-colored 80s, Dirty Girl examines the unlikely bond that forms between a status quo-defying bad girl and an overweight, pop-diva loving boy assigned as her parenting project partner in their “special group” high-school class. Starring indie it-girl Juno Temple and a number of other famous faces, the film also features a breakout performance by Jeremy Dozier as a gay teen who is coming-of-age. Brimming with period fashions, a bubbly 80s soundtrack, and a few magical touches, Dirty Girl depicts a young man finally learning to love himself enough to stand up to a tormenting father and live without fear. Watch the film’s trailer below and a special It Gets Better video featuring the film’s young stars.

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2) Opening in New York City today and Los Angeles next Friday is The Sons of Tennessee Williams, a documentary about New Orleans' gay Mardi Gras. Through archival footage, photographs and interviews, Tim Wolff tells the story of men in New Orleans who, years before the Stonewall riots, created an open and accepted gay cultural event, the first Mardi Gras gay ball.

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3) Rosie O'Donnell is making her return to television this Monday with the premiere of The Rosie Show. The first episode will be simulcast on five networks: TLC, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Fit & Health and Planet Green at 7:00 p.m. The out television host will cover current events, feature upcoming and well-known celebrities and discuss the arts, youth and families.

4) Director and producer Sini Anderson is working on a documentary about Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. The Punk Singer features 20 years of archival footage and interviews with Joan Jett, Kaia Wilson, Johanna Fateman, Kathi Wilcox, Lynnee Breedlove, JD Samson and Adam Horovitz, among many others.   It also takes viewers into Hanna's present life in order to tell her story. Watch the video below and head to the doc's Kickstater page to learn more.

5) If you’re reading this column and know the name Jennie Livingston, it’s probably because you’re a fan of her iconic documentary Paris is Burning, which was a vivacious and moving examination of the late 80s Ball circuit in Harlem.  For her latest project however, she has turned her thoughtful eye back onto her own life  for a first-person account of losing four close family members within just a few years of each other, and the questions and ruminations about our culture’s approach to death those losses have inspired in her as an artist and grieving family member.  Earth Camp One is now in the editing stage, but she still needs help getting it over the final hurdles.  Watch the film’s trailer below, then click here to visit her Kickstarter page, where you can learn more info and make a donation.

 6) Over 25 theaters in 19 states will simultaneously perform their production of Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays on November 7.  Performances of this collection of nine short plays about marriage for same-sex couples will be followed by a live streaming discussion about marriage equality from the off-Broadway theater where previews will be held. Funds raised during the event will benefit local and national marriage equality organizations. For more information about a performance near you and to get your tickets, visit the event's Facebook page. 

7) In recognition of National Coming Out Day, on October 11, Los Angeles area residents can catch a one night only reading of the Terrence McNally play Some Men, which travels decade by decade from the Hamptons in the 20s all the way into the present and examines significant historical chapters in the LGBT movement and community.  The reading is being presented by 108 Productions and will star Maxwell Caulfield, Chad Allen, Josh Cox, Robert Gant, Kevin Spirtas, and Juliet Mills.  It will be staged at the NoHo Arts Center.  Further information and tickets can be found at