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Botswana Government accused of detaining gay citizens - PinkNews

ENDA - the prospects: Senate support reaches 60 - The Rainbow Times

How unjust family laws are keeping parents from their children - BuzzFeed

Good news: we can all stop worrying about bullying now - Equality Matters

Exclusive interview with Davis Mac-Iyalla, Nigerian LGBT equality advocate - The Huffington Post

Germany to allow newborns to be registered with no gender - BuzzFeed

Former Defense Sec'y Robert Gates, who oversaw DADT repeal, to lead Boy Scouts of America - Towleroad

Monkey HIV success may hold key to end virus - Gay Star News

Hallmark defends de-gaying "Deck the Halls" carol - Gay Star News


Hawaii Senate approves equal marriage - PinkNews

VIDEO: Virginia bigot says God will stop blessing the military because of LGBT equality - Towleroad

VIDEO: Inside the Princeton Club's shockingly homophobic seminar on investing in Moscow - The Huffington Post

Hawaiian marriage equality will lead to self-marriage, Jim Hochberg claims - The Huffington Post

Federal judge hears arguments in ACLU class action suit challenging Virginia marriage equality ban - Towleroad

Mormon Church back in marriage equality debate in Hawaii - Advocate

LA Fitness hates on a transwoman - TransGriot

GOP candidate for New Jersey's General Assembly confronted with homophobic past - Towleroad

Trans teen won't be homecoming king, but can start a GSA - Advocate


HIV criminalization and stigma - The Huffington Post

"Everybody wants to have an ally, but no one wants to stand up for anybody." - Feministing

How parents of gay kids should provide support in a homophobic world - The Huffington Post

A gay girl's guide to buying Halloween candy - AfterEllen

Can there be a fourth great wave of AIDS advocacy? - The Huffington Post

Mom, is "gay" a bad word? - The Huffington Post

Could the EU soon have its second openly gay prime minister? - PinkNews

Safe schools for LGBT Youth - The Huffington Post

Coming out: Confessions of a closet Christian - The Huffington Post

Only national change will deliver equality - Star Observer


Bisexual women on television: Is it really getting better? - AfterEllen

Neil Patrick Harris speaks of "private right" to come out as gay on own terms - PinkNews

Lady Gaga insists to any doubters that she really is bisexual - Gay Star News

Glee set to send Kurt to Russia - Gay Star News

On Fox News, being gay is a "belief" that may conflict with a company's goals - Equality Matters

VIDEO: Gay, black, and female: Wanda Sykes talks about her "trifecta of discrimination" - The Huffington Post

Facebook removes game that urged users to shoot gay men depicted as sexual predators - PinkNews

Jared Leto says playing a transgender character changed and inspired him - Queerty

"Ender's Game" fails continue - OUT


Olympic diver backs zero tolerance for anti-LGBT hate in sports - Gay Star News

UConn welcomes lesbian players to the team - AfterEllen

Pride House calls on National Olympic committees to host LGBT events at Sochi - Towleroad