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John McCain worried ENDA will be like "busing," lead to "reverse discrimination" - The Huffington Post

Facebook game depicts gay men as violent sexual predators - PinkNews

LGBT students can face long road to financial aid - The Huffington Post

Do you know your rights? LGBT couples and Social Security - The Huffington Post

Transgender Google auto-complete photo essay - The Huffington Post

Israel: Civil union legislation introduced to extend marriage rights to LGBT couples - PinkNews

THT boss: Gay community's response to AIDS epidemic helped advance equality - PinkNews

Trial of LGBT activist resumes in Zambia - PinkNews

Retired SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O'Connor officiates wedding for same-sex couple at Supreme Court - Towleroad

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer says sexuality is a choice, just not for him - Gay Star News

Chelsea Manning name row: Wikipedia editors banned from trans pages - The Guardian

New resource launched for Asian and Pacific Islander LGBT youth and their parents - Advocate


California "Christians" spread another fake story about trans bathroom harassment - Advocate

AIDS charity housing works to get at least $211,000 for Banksy painting - Towleroad

WATCH: Stunt gay couple tests which state is more homophobic--Mississippi or Alabama - Gay Star News

Two couples challenge Texas ban on marriage equality with federal lawsuit - Gay Star News

Creighton University resists pressure to drop Macklemore promotion over LGBT advocacy - The Huffington Post

Transgender woman claims she was raped by police officer - The Huffington Post


Rethinking anti-LGBT bullying - The Huffington Post

We're here, we're queer, we're also looking for BFFs - Feministing

Op-ed: Retirement tops list of concerns for LGBTs - Advocate'

If you've heard someone say "love the sinner, hate the sin," you should share this with them - Upworthy


Short film project aims to tackle trans issues by showing life through the eyes of a trans woman - PinkNews

Feature: The best LGBT picture books for children - PinkNews

Elton John faces ban from Russia - Gay Star News

The "Orientation Police" want to know who gets to call themselves gay - BuzzFeed