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John McCain's wife petitions him to support bill barring anti-LGBT workplace discrimination - PinkNews

Philippines takes a Positive step to stop AIDS - Gay Star News

LGBT campaigner and Holocaust survivor Sharley McLean dies aged 90 - PinkNews

The hidden history of marriage for LGBT people in Asia - BuzzFeed

7th Native American tribe allows LGBT couples to wed - Gay Star News

Breast cancer study for transpeeps on HRT - TransGriot

Murderer or trans woman sentenced to 112 years to life - Gay Star News

The kiss: why two Brazilian women were arrested and beaten - Advocate

Jelly Belly chairman donates to anti-trans campaign - Advocate

Croatia to let people vote on constitutionally banning marriage equality - Towleroad

Bangladeshi Nobel prize winner targeted by anti-gay clerics - PinkNews

Tens of thousands march for marriage equality in Taiwan - The Huffington Post

Study finds Vietnam's trans people weighed down by bias - Gay Star News

Transgender contestant to take on Indian minister in state elections - Gay Star News


New Philadelphia law requires buildings to have gender-neutral bathrooms - Gay Star News

VIDEO: Gay male Florida student denied laptop rental after librarian says he's a woman - Towleroad

VIDEO: NOM launches hate ad against marriage equality in Hawaii - Towleroad

VIDEO: Just one week after NJ got marriage equality, opposition hits its lowest level ever - Towleroad

California police officer accused of raping trans woman whilst on duty - Gay Star News

VIDEO: Illinois pastor compares LGBT parents to "five-year-olds who think they can drive cars" - Towleroad

Baylor University votes to remove "homosexual acts" from school's "sexual misconduct code" - Towleroad

Male cheerleader forced to quit, change schools over "gay" bullying - Gay Star News

Rick Snyder, Michigan governor, dodges question about gay people, again - The Huffington Post

US: Several churches in North Carolina cut sponsorship of Boy Scouts following pro-gay policy - PinkNews


Gay men's sexism and women's bodies - The Huffington Post

A more perfect union: being gay in America - The Huffington Post

NYT looks at gay couples saying "I don't" - Towleroad


Conservative media pundit Brent Bozell: TV and film have too much gay "propaganda" - Towleroad

Chris Brown arrested after allegedly saying in an altercation: "I'm not into this gay s***" - PinkNews


Johnny Weir won't speak out against Russia's anti-gay laws while covering the Olympics for NBC - Queerty

Transgender people assaulted in Pakistan's ex-cricket star's domain - Gay Star News

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