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What's Transgender Awareness Week? - TransGriot

Why are so many LGBT families living in hostile territory? - Advocate

"Top 50 OUTstanding in Business List" looks at LGBT corporate industry leaders - The Huffington Post

Belarus calls to cancel Eurovision inclusion of trans singer - Gay Star News

French court overrules restrictions on gay binantional couples, says Franco-Moroccan couple can marry - Towleroad

UK Supreme Court rejects appeal against adoptions by same sex couples - BuzzFeed

Study suggests many more are same-sex attracted than willing to admit - Gay Star News

Australian state parliament passes motion against so-called 'ex-gay' therapies - Gay Star News


As Illinois rallies for marriage equality, Bishop bans supporters from Cathedral - Towleroad

Hudson, NY Mayor accused of AIDS-related smear against gay, HIV-positive opponent - Towleroad

New Mexico Supreme Court hears marriage equality arguments - The Huffington Post


I'm attracted to trans women - Salon

Coming out as transgender: Janet Mock explains how the process differs for the trans community - The Huffington Post

My hideous angel: A story of growing up gay in an abusive home - The Huffington Post

Heteronormativity in Halloween costumes - Sociological Images

Halloween costume ideas for LGBT families - Advocate

Addressing the "lesbians hate men" stereotype - AfterEllen

Sharing the stories of LGBT youth: Jazz, 12 - The Huffington Post

Why is it taking 5 months (and counting) to renew my drivers license in Texas? - TransGriot


Chely Wright Grand Ole Opry petition launched by David Dilsizian - The Huffington Post

George Takei talks gay "Star Trek" characters on "Watch What Happens Live" - The Huffington Post

WATCH: First look at Oprah's Next Chapter about Gay Hollywood - Queerty

Universal axes anti-gay Halloween show - Gay Star News


VIDEO: Olympic medalist Shaun White 'not a big fan' of Russia's anti-gay laws - Towleroad

Johnny Weir retires from skating, will join NBC as analyst in Sochi - Advocate


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