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For transgender patients, a fight over health coverage - The Huffington Post

Three more states could legalize marriage equality by year's end - The Washington Post

Behind-the-scenes GOP group party change on gay issues - Queerty

Conservative activists say anti-gay violence in Russia is the fault of victims' 'public kissing' - PinkNews

Tea Party disavows Rick Scarborough, distances itself from 'class action suit against homosexuality' - Towleroad

Methodist marriage equality debate being formally considered by court as LGBT acceptance grows - The Huffington Post

Girl Scouts promote 'lesbianism, abortion,' pastor claims while urging cookie boycott - The Huffington Post

WND: LGBT movement is a "trojan horse for totalitarianism" - Equality Matters

Hong Kong Equal Opportunities boss says civil unions possible - Gay Star News

Northern Ireland Health Minister 'disappointed' at losing fight against adoption rights - PinkNews


Indy Chamber votes to oppose Indiana same-sex marriage ban - Freedom Indiana

Texas' voter ID law that could disenfranchise women voters targets trans voters in general - Feministing

State attorneys in Utah defend same-sex marriage ban, cite 'responsible procreation' and 'optimal child rearing' - Towleroad

Lambda Legal appeals HIV-positive man's transmission conviction to Iowa Supreme Court - Towleroad

After thousands march for marriage equality at Illinois capitol, vote unlikely this week - BuzzFeed

VIDEO: Texas judge dumps Republican Party over 'petty' and 'bigoted' views - PinkNews

San Antonio high school elects two queens to homecoming - Towleroad

Catholic school teacher sacked for marrying her girlfriend 45 minutes after the ceremony - PinkNews

John Arthur, Ohio man who led challenge to marriage ban dies - The Bilerico Project


Why trans education efforts are vitally important - TransGriot

The understood 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy in the south - The Huffington Post

"Are you fully gay?" and other things you shouldn't ask a gay person - The Huffington Post


Native American transsexual actress stars in new film - The Huffington Post

Fox News: Anti-bullying policies limit conservative free speech - Equality Matters

VIDEO: Jack Mackenroth launches 'HIV Equal' campaign aimed at ending HIV stigma - Towleroad

Poetry knows no sexual preference - 10 of the most famous LGBT poets in history - The Huffington Post

AfterEllen staff picks: Who's the best lesbian/bi TV character? - AfterEllen

Universal Studios defends 'super homophobic' Bill and Ted play as satire - PinkNews


UFC joins center for HIV awareness - UFC

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