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Chile: four men convicted of six-hour Neo Nazi killing of gay man - PinkNews

EC report criticizes EU applicants Turkey, Kosovo, and Serbia on LGBT rights - PinkNews

Brazil: proposed bill would allow church to discriminate against gay couples - PinkNews

France bans majors from opting out of gay marriage - Gay Star News

UK trans police officer sues force over 'forced outing' - Gay Star News

Rick Santorum says GOP approval of gay marriage will be 'the destruction of our republic': VIDEO - Towleroad

South Africa: man arrested over murder and sexual mutilation of lesbian - Pink News

Are police profiling transgender Americans? (VIDEO) - The Huffington Post


Former SC politician trolls Twitter by attack trans people - BuzzFeed

Staunch LGBT ally Cory Booker wins US Senate seat in special election - Gay Star News

SC mayor complains that "queers" are trying to ram marriage "down my throat" - Queerty

Cory Booker to start marrying gay NJ couples at stroke of midnight on Monday - Queerty


A candle to light the darkness, a voice of hope for progress - The Huffington Post

Focusing on teamwork: on and off the court - The Huffington Post

Beyond Russia: LGBT rights are human rights around the world - The Huffington Post


"Carrtie" director Kimberly Peirce sees similarities between horror classic and "Boys Don't Cry" - Queerty

Powerful short film paints stark picture of what LGBT youth encounter when families reject them: VIDEO - Towleroad


Portland Trail Blazers become first NBA team to support marriage equality bill - Advocate

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