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Uganda threatens to ban charities supporting LGBT rights - Gay Star News

One in 10 gay Serbian boys are thinking about suicide - Gay Star News

Love Inc., an online wedding magazine, will fully integrate same-sex and straight couples - OUT

Values Voter Summit was the usual celebration of homophobia - Queerty

Antigay pundit compares LGBTs to terrorists, anorexics, and voldemort - Advocate

Protections for LGBT survivors of violence - The Huffington Post

New archive, timeline highlight history of LGBT-led families - Advocate


VIDEO: New Jersey marriage equality is one week away - The Huffington Post

Will Utah be the next state to protect gay-headed families? - Advocate

US: North Caroline official to accept marriage licence applications from gay couples - PinkNews


Why 'coming out' is a way of life rather than a moment in time - The Huffington Post

Homophobia is integral to the GOP shutdown caucus - Queerty


Fox News whitewashes American Family Association's record of hate - Equality Matters

Beautiful photo series explores how one person can take on two genders - BuzzFeed

Heather Tobin is making movies just for us with To Each Her Own Films - After Ellen

US: Conservative commentator upset that CNN called anti-group anti-gay - PinkNews

NOW: Disney reveals first bisexual character in fantasy television series - PinkNews

'Tale of Two Dads,' co-directed by Lance Bass for AT&T campaign, released on behalf of The Trevor Project - The Huffington Post


10-time gay paralympic gold medalist: 'I don't care if I go to prison' for speaking out against Russia - Towleroad

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