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Study finds polls under-report LGBT population and homophobic attitudes - Queerty

Jamaica: Murdered transgender teen's house firebombed - PinkNews

Former Mr. Gay Namibia runs for parliament - Gay Star News

WATCH: Pat Robertson thinks transgender people are like his castrated horse - Queerty

LGBT refugees now living in the United States share their stories - BuzzFeed

Harvey Milk to be honored on US postage stamp - Advocate


VIDEO: Gay couples denied marriage licenses in Charlotte, NC during peaceful, emotional protest - Towleroad

Thousands of LA Unified School District employees to 'come out' as LGBT allies - Towleroad


I'm coming out - The Huffington Post

Coming out: 4 valuable life lessons we learned along the way - The Huffington Post


Survey by GLAAD shows drop in LGBT representation on US television - PinkNews

VIDEO celebrates 25 years of National Coming Out Day - PinkNews

'Life Continued: Defeating Depression' on MTV explores the lives of two challenged teens - The Huffington Post


FIFA called on to cancel World Cup in Qatar over 'gay/trans tests' - Gay Star News

US: Footbal player denies homophobic slur but apologies for remarks against marching band - PinkNews

AFC Wimbledon joins Football Fans Against Homophobia campaign - PinkNews

Openly gay boxer Orlando Cruz will wear these awesome shorts during his World Title fight - BuzzFeed

Jason Collins wondering why no NBA team wants the first openly gay player - Gay Star News

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