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Feds offer health benefits to children of domestic partners - Advocate

Russia: Arkhangelsk is the first region to repeal local anti-gay "propaganda" law - PinkNews

Russian man blinded by anti-LGBT shooting speaks out - Gay Star News

Study: Straight men are "three times more likely" to not believe in bisexuality - PinkNews

Victoria's Secret petitioned to make Carmen Carrera its first transgender model - The Huffington Post

Ireland to hold public referendum on marriage equality - Towleroad

GOP Senators attach anti-union right-to-work amendment to ENDA - Towleroad

Catholic bishops think ENDA is worse than workplace discriminatoin - Queerty

The New York Times rips ENDA's "terribly broad" religious exemption - Towleroad

ENDA religious arguments lose power as conservatives attack business not Bible - The Huffington Post

Harry Reid predicts House passage of ENDA if John Boehner stops blocking it - The Huffington Post

John McCain skips ENDA vote to tape "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" - The Huffington Post

Is White House reconsidering executive order on LGBT workplace protections? - Towleroad


Illinois House passes marriage equality bill - The Rainbow Times

Bronx teen files suit against Catholic schools, says she was expelled for being gay - Towleroad

Three gay Oregon men attacked on Halloween while dressed in drag in alleged hate crime - The Huffington Post

Full benefits for married LGBT couples granted by Florida National Gaurd - Advocate

Main Gov. candidate 2014: "Yes, I am gay. But why should it matter?" - The Rainbow Times

Palm Springs theater owner exposed for making major donations to anti-LGBT politicians, Prop 8 - Queerty

VIDEO: Ed Murray declares victory in Seattle mayoral race, will be city's first out gay mayor - Towleroad

Anti-LGBT Attorney General who tried to ban sodomy loses Virginia governor race - PinkNews

Marriage equality opponent Chris Christie re-elected New Jersey governor - PinkNews

The President and First Lady are "overjoyed" about marriage equality in Illinois - Queerty

Hawaii police officer: "You would have to kill me" before I would enforce an equal marriage law - PinkNews

South Carolina sees major shift toward acceptance of marriage equality in new poll - Towleroad


Hawaii's special session on marriage equality undermined democracy - The Huffington Post

Our next generation of leaders: Historically Black colleges and universities' students advancing changes - The Huffington Post

Op-ed: Harassing transgender minors, the lowest low - Advocate

7 things Ted Kennedy would say to pass ENDA - Advocate

Op-ed: Germany's third-gender law fails on equality - Advocate


Rapper Angel Haze explains pansexuality in her own words - BuzzFeed

Samuel L. Jackson to play first gay role in Stephen King film - Gay Star News

Fox News pretends ENDA's religious exemptions aren't real - Equality Matters

James Franco discusses attraction to playing gay characters - The Huffington Post

BENT-CON: LGBT comic book/sci-fi conference takes place November 8 in California - The Huffington Post


The OutField--Sochi Olympics: Kick butt and take names - The Rainbow Times

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