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Army chaplain to lesbian soldier and her wife: You're "ineligible" for marriage retreat - Queerty

Russian newspaper may face lawsuit over pro-gay article - LGBT Weekly

Air Force Academy continues defending employment of conversion therapy advocate - The Rainbow Times

VIDEO: Sally Ride's partner discusses the life and legacy of America's first female astronaut - Towleroad

After repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," pockets of difficulty for equality - BuzzFeed

Ecuador: "Gay cure clinics" use rape and torture as corrective measures - PinkNews

India: Hundreds march in campaign to end LGBT discrimination - PinkNews

18-year-old Nigerian man granted asylum in Malta following ant-gay persecution - PinkNews

Gay, married US ambassador to Australia stays out of debate on marriage equality - Gay Star News

Gay Moscow nightclub targeted in poison gas attack - Towleroad


School board member: Trans students should be castrated before they can use restroom - Queerty

California trans law "unlikely" to qualify for referendum - Washington Blade

VIDEO: San Francisco's massive LGBT homeless population gets big assist from LGBTQ Connect - Towleroad

Oregon Family Council files "right to discriminate against gays" ballot initiative - Towleroad

Phoenix mayor celebrates pro-LGBT ranking - Washington Blade

Lesbian says Virginia baker wrote homophobic message on her anniversary cake - Gay Star News

Attackers beat Tennessee store owner unconscious, write "f**" on his forehead - Towleroad

West Virginia Attorney General files motion to defend state's marriage equality ban in court - Towleroad

Trans police officer files harassment complaint against city police department - Gay Star News

Is Pennsylvania the next marriage equality state? - Advocate

Taiwan's president "respects" marriage equality, which is still illegal - Towleroad


The LGBT community's response to Alec Baldwin's anti-gay slurs: A race-based double standard? - The Huffington Post


Don't like transphobic "jokes"? Don't watch CBS comedies - Los Angeles Times

VIDEO: "Weird Al" Yankovic on marriage equality - LGBT Weekly

Real-life Philomena is a class act - Queerty

WATCH: New trailer for docs on trans service members - Advocate

Jane Fonda says she's seen too many lives destroyed by homophobia - Queerty

Alex Newell to Bill O'Reilly: "There's nothing dopey about" being transgender - Gay Star News

Sir Ian McKellen decided to come out as a reaction to Britain's anti-gay law - Queerty


13 reasons to be thankful for the existence of Billie Jean King - BuzzFeed

Scotland: Gay football referee claims he was axed for speaking out against homophobia - PinkNews


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