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Uganda: Police arrest leading LGBT activist Sam Ganafa – PinkNews

Transgender Awareness Week spotlights the struggles and victories of Latino trans people – The Huffington Post

238 trans people murdered worldwide in the past year – BuzzFeed

Congress votes to allow organ transplants between HIV-positive patients – Towleroad

LGBT forums tackle Obamacare – Washington Blade

Study links workplace bias, poor health – Washington Blade

LGBT-friendly churches and houses of worship growing, according to National Congregations study – The Huffington Post

World Council of Churches Assembly hears plea for LGBT tolerance – Gay Star News

Marriage was just decriminalized in Vietnam – Queerty

Daily Caller publishes racist, ableist Op-Ed to attack protections for transgender students – Equality Matters

Business schools at the forefront of LGBT inclusion – The Huffington Post

Swazi student who was tortured by anti-gay terrorists in Russia returns home – Queerty

Vote on marriage equality fails in first Australian state – Gay Star News

Russian government spies on LGBT advocates to portray them as part of western “homosexualist invasion” – BuzzFeed

Newspaper accused of violating Russia’s “gay propaganda” law for reporting on fired gay teacher – Towleroad

Gay advocate challenges homophobic ban in both Trinidad and Tobago and Belize – PinkNews

Luxembourg to become first country to have gay prime minister and gay deputy PM - PinkNews


Texas school won’t let transgender male student wear tuxedo in yearbook photo – Gay Star News

Texas county jail adopts new policy to protect LGBT inmates - PinkNews

Are Virginia’s transpeople about to be thrown under the civil rights bus? – TransGriot

Loyola University Chicago petitioned to allow gay couple’s wedding on campus – The Huffington Post

Indianapolis Council approves marriage resolution – Washington Blade

VIDEO: Denver Wrangler gay bar hit with protest for discriminating against trans people, drag queens – Towleroad

Family refuses to tip waitress, former marine due to her “gay lifestyle” – Gay Star News


Is Israel “gay heaven”? It’s complicated – Washington Blade

Reassessing the gay cultural paradigm – The Huffington Post

A letter to my community after my child was lit on fire – The Huffington Post

We trans peeps make the call concerning who we are, not you cis haters - TransGriot


Mainstream media companies won’t touch this documentary that needs to be made – Queerty

FX gets new animated gay rap comedy Chozen – Gay Star News

Meet Girl Like Us model Ines Rau – TransGriot

Op-ed: Jared Leto and the t word – Advocate


Misguided efforts to feminize WNBA players – Washington Blade

MIX New York LGBT experimental film festival - Out

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