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Senate will vote on ENDA Monday - Advocate

10 myths conservatives spread in opposition to LGBT employment protections - The Huffington Post

Academics say polls underestimate both the size of gay population and anti-gay sentiment - PinkNews

Happy Trans National Holiday 2013! - TransGriot

Love was taken to court in Australia, won, and ate a piece of marriage equality cake in the process - Upworthy

Number of gay couples living together in Britain up by a third - PinkNews

Transgender Day of Rememberance 2013: A reporter's list - The Huffington Post

Most Americans don't know you can be fired for being gay, only half support law preventing it - The Huffington Post

23 inspirational signs from the church championing marriage equality - BuzzFeed

Chelsea Manning says she'll go to court to get treatment for "gender identity disorder" - The Huffington Post

Defense Secretary says states "will be expected" to treat married gay couples equally - BuzzFeed

Pelosi sees Violence Against Women Act reauthorizations as possible model of ENDA passage - Towleroad

How Obamacare will affect trans folk and families - Advocate

Vatican seeks world Catholics' views on marriage equality and other social issues - Gay Star News

Ghana to crackdown on lesbian schoolkids - Gay Star News

Researchers confirm first documented case of HIV remission in a child - Queerty

Russia bans tribute to gay victims of Nazi Germany - Gay Star News


Straight marine attacked for defending his gay friend - Queerty

Colorado couple suing over state's marriage equality ban - The Huffington Post

VIDEO: EW Jackson claimed Obama would make schools start "teaching all children homosexuality" - The Huffington Post

Virginia Tea Party Republican EW Jackson denies making anti-gay statements caught on camera - Gay Star News

INFOGRAPHIC: Making sense of the Hawaii marriage equality debate - The Huffington Post

Company offers Vegas vacation to couple, rescinds it because they are gay - Towleroad


The fundamentals of transphobia - The Huffington Post

Editor's letter: Time for LGBT voters to mature - Advocate


k.d. lang's face will be on a stamp - AfterEllen

A lesbian movie without lesbians: The problem with Blue Is the Warmest Color - The Huffington Post

Orson Scott Card won't profit from "Ender's Game" movie ticket sales - Advocate

Matthew McCounaughey sheds light on homophobic character with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club - Gay Star News


VIDEO: "You Can Play, Colorado!" joins student athletes and pros to unite against anti-LGBT bullying - The Huffington Post

Gay soccer player takes on homophobes in letter - Queerty

Geeks Out invites you to skip "Ender's Game" for other LGBT-friendly sci-fi fun - Queerty

Australian boxer Anthony Mundine says LGBT people are incompatible with Indigenous values - Gay Star News

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