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The new Cold War over human rights - BuzzFeed

Nigerian Anglican Church requiring office holders to denounce homosexuality - Gay Star News

"First public gay wedding" takes place in Burma - PinkNews

England: Number of gay couples adopting children doubles - PinkNews

British Medical Association condemns "bad science" used to justify Ugandan anti-gay law - PinkNews

Media outlets report fake story that Ugandam President's daughter came out as gay - PinkNews

Uganda's Anglican Church threatens split over anti-gay law - The Huffington Post

Meet the American pushing homophobia in Uganda - The Huffington Post

House of Lords debates suicide rates among LGBT young people - PinkNews

Gay and lesbian military members perform drag show - The Huffington Post

Ugandan human rights group: Don't cut general aid to Uganda because of anti-gay law - PinkNews

Thai gay club campaigns to promote safe sex in Phuket - GayAsiaNews

Indian gay community pulls off successful LGBT film festival - GayAsiaNews


Gay Marine's amazing journey from homeless shelter to Ivy League - ABC News

Texas gay couple get married after 53 years together - Gay Star News

Maryland to vote on trans anti-discrimination bill - PinkNews

Uproar after arrest of trans woman in DC - Washington Blade

Michigan stumbles in court defending ban on marriage equality - The Huffington Post

Anti-gay parenting researcher Mark Regnerus denounced by own university - Gay Star News


Heal This Way and Coming Around: Words for LGBT youth and their parents - The Huffington Post

Creating safe and welcoming spaces for LGBT youth - The Huffington Post

2014 LGBT media journalists convening--Moni's busy DC weekend - TransGriot

Writers discuss gay fiction relating to reality - The Huffington Post

What's the problem with the Arizona anti-gay bill? A news anchor has it explained to her - Upworthy

Autostraddle is five years old this month and we're celebrating all month long - Autostraddle

The Gay Men Project - The Advocate

Still single in the age of marriage equality - The Advocate

Op-ed: Let's make Queer Studies more accessible - The Advocate

Op-ed: Why Hollywood's scared of Katherine Heigl's gay wedding - The Advocate

Who cares about Islan Nettles? - OUT

It turns out my partner is a woman, so what does that make me? - The Huffington Post


Watch: Idina Menzel performs coming out anthem "Let it Go" at Oscars - Gay Star News

10 artists to watch at South by Southwest - Queerty

Jared Leto's Oscar win for "Dallas Buyers Club" criticized by transgender community - The Huffington Post

Ellen Degeneres called "transphobic" after Liza Minelli Oscars joke - The Huffington Post

Ellen Page, Maria Bello, Sarah Paulson: Out women hit the Oscar parties - After Ellen

Matthew McConaughey criticized for not mentioning AIDS once in his Oscar speech - Gay Star News

Fox News analyst cut off while making Civil Rights argument - The Advocate

Elton John: There is light at the end of the tunnel on HIV - PinkNews


Children sing anti-gay hate chants at football games - Gay Star News

After visit to Sochi for Olympics, Billie Jean King "more than concerned" about safety of gay people in Russia - Gay Star News

Out basketball player Jason Collins to get second 10-day contract - Gay Star News

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