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Cameroon lawyer honored for work on LGBT equality - Gay Star News

Gay people in Crimea split on referendum - The Huffington Post

White House petitioned to legally recognize non-binary genders - The Huffington Post

Catholics oppose marriage equality "out of love," claims UK bishop - Gay Star News

Homophobe mom who punched gay son in face in front of police fined by Scottish court - Gay Star News

Petition started to challenge blood donation rules for gay men - PinkNews

Anti-LGBT job discrimination extends to benefits, salaries and promotions, say transgender experts - The Huffington Post

Israeli parliament outlaws LGBT discrimination in  schools - Gay Asia News


Marylanders favor trans equality: poll - Washington Blade

Habitat for Humanity of Washington, DC to hold first ever Rainbow Build event - LGBT Weekly

Illinois candidate who blames autism and tornadoes on LGBT equality wins primary - Gay Star News

Dem Attorney General on marriage equality decision: "I wanted to be on the right side of history" - The Huffington Post

Woman of first Illinois married gay couple dies aged 65 - PinkNews

Record number of LGBT candidates on DC primary ballot - Washington Blade

Kentucky recognition of marriage equality on hold during governor's appeal - BuzzFeed

Bill Donahue wants to march under "Straight is Great" banner in NYC Pride Parade - BuzzFeed


Stand by me: Historically black churches and LGBT allyship - Autostraddle

5 shocking realities of being transgender the media ignores - The Huffington Post

We should pay attention to LGBT people hurt by the God Hates F**s church, not its dying leader - PinkNews

Cutting foreign aid won't defeat anti-gay laws in Africa and Latin America - Towleroad

What my '90s childhood and popular LGBT idols have in common - The Huffington Post

This is what sex ed looks like in my queer feminist utopia - Autostraddle

For God so loved the gays: local believers see their faith and LGBT fairness as one and the same - Leo Weekly


Fans had a complete meltdown over the Brittany and Santana moments on "Glee" - BuzzFeed

Laverne Cox refused to play along with TV's "angry black woman" stereotype - The Huffington Post

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin leading new Netflix comedy series - Instinct


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