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Australian government MP slams colleague over opposition to gay parents - Gay Star News

Following PinkNews investigation, New Look drops gay partner discount ban - PinkNews

LGBT advocate, 25, "stabbed by Nazis" in Sweden - Gay Star News

Barney Frank: "White people from America" are "stirring up" anti-gay laws in Uganda - BuzzFeed

WATCH: Moscow LGBT demonstrators attacked, assailants detained - The Advocate

Jamaican judge rules gay teens are free to live in sewers - Queerty

HHS Secretary Sebelius meets with LGBT leaders - The Huffington Post

Honey Maid's new commercial features gay parents and mixed race families - BuzzFeed

Facebook page for indigenous LGBTI Canadians launched - Gay Star News

Meet the world's LGBT billionaires - The Huffington Post

Uganda anti-gay law challenged in court - Gay Star News

Majority of US Republicans under 30 now support marriage equality - Gay Star News

US doctors make "call to action" after second child appears to have been "cured" of HIV - PinkNews

Russia refuses to find thug who blinded gay man in one eye - Gay Star News


NYC, nation's largest school district, adopts transgender guidelines - The Rainbow Times

Composite sketch of suspect in Houston SGL couple murder - TransGriot

WATCH: Gay man's grandfather came out to him at 90 years old - The Advocate

Federal appeals court sets quick schedule for Virginia marriage appeal - BuzzFeed

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's staff helped write the anti-gay bill she later vetoed - Queerty

Michele Bachmann claims gay people have "bullied the American people" - The Huffington Post

United Methodist Church won't prosecute retired New York minister for officiating wedding of gay son - Gay Star News

Oregon Republican conference endorses marriage equality - LGBT Weekly

South Carolina House keeps penalties on colleges that assigned gay-themed books - The Huffington Post


Here's how to end transphobia, says outraged CrossFit trainer, affiliate owner - Queerty

Op-ed: Pope Francis: One year in, door slightly ajar for LGBT people - The Advocate

Stunning new photo series honors gay US soldiers - Queerty

It's a boy*! - Autostraddle

LGBTI equality and the UN: Where to from here? - Towleroad


Carmen Carrera slams CrossFit for alleged transgender discrimination - The Huffington Post

Lorde kicks interviewer's butt over super creepy questions about her sexuality - BuzzFeed

Anne Rice announces new Vampire Chronicles novel - The Advocate

Casting Net: MTV's Awkward adds 2 new gay characters - OUT

Christian radio show host Kevin Swanson claims Disney's Frozen is gay indoctrination - Gay Star News


Gay NFL hopeful Michael Sam releases rainbow range of #StandWithSam t-shirts - PinkNews

Former Fox Sportscaster claims anti-anti-gay discrimination - The Advocate

Martina Navratilova tells Gay Star News she's not doing Donald Trump's reality show - Gay Star News

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