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We need to talk about colonialism before we criticize international anti-LGBT legislation - Autostraddle

Youtube is a lifeline for transgender young people - LA Times

Bishop: Marriage is between a man and a woman but there’s no place for homophobia – PinkNews

US Ambassador: HIV/AIDS funding to Nigeria won’t be withdrawn in face of anti-gay law – Towleroad

Federal appeals court says jurors can’t be excluded because they’re gay – BuzzFeed

Times of India front-page headline: “Homosexuality unnatural: Ex-head of shrinks” – BuzzFeed

Dutch television show to feature first ever marriage between a gay couple, and the Backstreet Boys – PinkNews

Chilean transgender equality bill advances – Washington Blade

UNAIDS launches legal challenge to Malawi’s ban on gay couples’ intimacy – Gay Star News

Final vote date of Scotland’s marriage equality bill announced – PinkNews

Irish government: Gay couples to get parental securities “regardless of equal marriage referendum” - PinkNews


Meet Stephanie Soliven, the high school principal who unjustly suspended a gay Sean Cody model – Queerty

WATCH: Son comes out to amazing mother in heartwarming video – Advocate

ACLU sues for recognition of Utah’s gay couples’ marriages – Advocate

UK lawmaker’s marriage equality claim prompts “It’s Raining Men” Facebook campaign – The Huffington Post

Six couples who want to get married in Florida are suing the state to make it happen – Gay Star News

Catholic school president resigns amid fallout from gay vice principal dismissal – BuzzFeed

Utah gay couple seeking parenting protections joins lawsuit against state – The Huffington Post

Starkville becomes first city in Mississippi to officially recognize the dignity of its LGBT citizens - Towleroad


How ESPN and Grantland desperately failed the trans community – The Huffington Post

My partner is 34 years my senior – so what? – Washington Blade

On tokenism, visibility, and those gay black dads who went viral – Feministing

“Everyday homophobia”: The new leading edge of the LGBT equality movement – The Huffington Post

Life beyond marriage equality – Washington Blade

Gay black fathers going viral haven’t told the kids they’re gay. What’s up with that? – Queerty

Trans-Uterus – The Huffington Post

Does treatment as prevention care for the HIV-positive? – The Huffington Post

The big b – The Huffington Post


Megan Mullally on “GBF,” Nick Offerman’s woodworking and her upcoming reunion with Sean Hayes – The Huffington Post

John Lithgow hopes his new film leads to more acceptance of LGBT people – Queerty

What do you do with a problem like Romi Klinger: On bisexuality, biphobia, and media representation – Autostraddle

Amy Ray talks goin’ country on “Goodnight Tender” – After Ellen

Looking recap: 5 moments that surprised your straight friends – Advocate

Glenn Beck: Homophobes “have no place in this country” – The Huffington Post

Robert De Niro honors late gay father with HBO Documentary – The Huffington Post

Gay comedy series starring Ian McKellen to air on PBS – Advocate           

“The Case Against 8,” which debuted at Sundance, recalls California’s marriage equality movement – The Huffington Post

Jon Stewart unveils the 2014 Sochi homophobic Olympics – The Huffington Post


“Uprising of Love Hangouts On Air” will tackle Russian LGBT issues ahead of Sochi Olympics – The Huffington Post

Kye Allums, trans sports star, reveals he wanted to kill himself after ESPN profile – The Huffington Post

Canadian volleyball pro comes out as gay – Gay Star News

Dutch band may play “YMCA” at Sochi Olympics – LGBT Weekly

WATCH: WWE star John Cena supports gay wrestlers – Advocate

Former soccer star accuses Twitter of not dealing with anti-gay hate – Gay Star News

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