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World Economic Forum to spotlight LGBT equality - The Advocate

VIDEO: Leader of Russian vigilante group that tortures gay teens arrested in Cuba - Towleroad

Vladimir Putin has gay friends? - The Advocate

UKIP Councilor David Silvester in bizarre homophobic rant blaming marriage equality for bad weather - The Huffington Post

Former Swiss Guard commander fears a gay network inside the Vatican - Gay Star News

Bangladesh gets first magazine for LGBT people - Gay Star News

Republican strategist Mary Matalin somehow finds humor in Russia's anti-gay propaganda law - Gay Star News

Join the Lesbians Who Tech summit - Autostraddle

Melissa Harris-Perry Show with CeCe McDonald and Laverne Cox - TransGriot

Amid increasing persecution of gay people in Africa, author Binyavanga Wainaina comes out - Towleroad executive wants to protect Utah churches from marriage equality - Queerty

One of Pope Francis' new Cardinals thinks being gay is a "defect" that can be corrected - Queerty

Will Obama "use the pen" to protect LGBT workers? - Washington Blade

Putin to gay people: Leave kids along and you'll be safe - The Advocate

Gay protester in Russia detained for unfurling rainbow flag during Olympic torch relay - PinkNews

Senate lets unemployment extension expire, screws over LGBT and trans people affected by recession - Autostraddle

Now it's the New York Times that is pretty much outing homophobic GOP Rep. Aaron Schock - Queerty

Federal appeals court rules in favor of transgender inmate - The Advocate


New York can pass marriage equality but not trans* protections: How GENDA died - Autostraddle

Retired Texas pastor to begin performing weddings for gay couples - PinkNews

Second gay couple alleges discrimination at Colombia airport - Washington Blade

Virginia lawmakers kill two pro-LGBT bills - Washington Blade

State finds Oregon bakery discriminated by refusing to make wedding cake for lesbians - Gay Star News

Annise Parker, Houston Mayor, marries Kathy Hubbard in California ceremony - The Huffington Post

Massachusetts announces it will recognize Utah's gay couples' marriages - PinkNews

Rev. Thomas Ogletree, another Methodist pastor, to be tried for presiding at wedding of gay son - The Huffington Post

Trans woman dares Bible-quoting councilman to stone her to death - The Advocate

Anti-LGBT organization again takes aim at Colorado trans student "Jane Doe" - The Advocate

VIDEO: Lesbian parents not recognized as married, son denied social security benefits - Towleroad

Florida supermarket Publix fined $100K for firing gay employee - Towleroad


Transgender people are paying the price for the media's willful ignorance - BuzzFeed

Four New Year's resolutions for LGBT women of color in 2014 - Elixhir

"Nobody knows my life but me": An elegy for Dr. V - Feministing

What the LGBT equality movement should learn from Martin Luther King Jr. - The Huffington Post

Op-ed: Yeah, yeah, we know, smoking is bad - The Advocate

After I came out as a transgender man, I was asked if it felt like I had died - BuzzFeed

Why I wrote the first post-DADT repeal gay Iraq War memoir - The Huffington Post

Oh, you're tired of people being "outraged"? - The Huffington Post

A real, honest conversation between a gay African-American man and a transgender African-American woman about the "T" in the LGBT family - The Huffington Post

Support HR 1843: Repeal HIV Discrimination Act - The Huffington Post

An open letter: From a gay man, to America - The Huffington Post


Great news, everyone! There's a cure for bisexuality! - After Ellen

"House" star Hugh Laurie calls for Russian vodka boycott, reconsiders after fury - Towleroad

Jamie Chung on Mulan's bisexuality in "Once Upon a Time" and her new role in "Believe" - After Ellen

Lance Bass' failed journey to space made him fear for his life - BuzzFeed

Fun. plans to raise funds for at-risk LGBT Detroit youth, Ruth Ellis Center - The Huffington Post

Angel Haze and Sia team up for new single - Gay Star News

"Appropriate behavior": The Sundance film for the Persian bisexual in all of us - BuzzFeed

Sexuality and gender are fluid on "House of Lies"  - After Ellen

"Looking" for representation: Five other shows that paved the way for the sexy new HBO series - Queerty

The true story behind Philomenia (caution: spoilers ahead) - OUT

One Direction's Liam Payne supports homophobic Duck Dynast "family values" - Queerty


PHOTOS: Soccer fans take a stand for LGBT Nigerians - The Advocate

ESPN responds to criticism of Grantland's "Dr.V" story - BuzzFeed

Gay NFL star Jerry Smith's career examined in groundbreaking broadcast - Towleroad

About. Damn. Times. A sports network takes on what no one wants to talk about in locker rooms - Upworthy

NBC's Maria Sharapova isn't going to talk about LGBT people - The Advocate

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