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World Economic Forum to spotlight LGBT equality - The Advocate

VIDEO: Leader of Russian vigilante group that tortures gay teens arrested in Cuba - Towleroad

Vladimir Putin has gay friends? - The Advocate

UKIP Councilor David Silvester in bizarre homophobic rant blaming marriage equality for bad weather - The Huffington Post

Former Swiss Guard commander fears a gay network inside the Vatican - Gay Star News

Bangladesh gets first magazine for LGBT people - Gay Star News

Republican strategist Mary Matalin somehow finds humor in Russia's anti-gay propaganda law - Gay Star News

Join the Lesbians Who Tech summit - Autostraddle

Melissa Harris-Perry Show with CeCe McDonald and Laverne Cox - TransGriot

Amid increasing persecution of gay people in Africa, author Binyavanga Wainaina comes out - Towleroad executive wants to protect Utah churches from marriage equality - Queerty

One of Pope Francis' new Cardinals thinks being gay is a "defect" that can be corrected - Queerty

Will Obama "use the pen" to protect LGBT workers? - Washington Blade

Putin to gay people: Leave kids along and you'll be safe - The Advocate

Gay protester in Russia detained for unfurling rainbow flag during Olympic torch relay - PinkNews

Senate lets unemployment extension expire, screws over LGBT and trans people affected by recession - Autostraddle

Now it's the New York Times that is pretty much outing homophobic GOP Rep. Aaron Schock - Queerty

Federal appeals court rules in favor of transgender inmate - The Advocate


New York can pass marriage equality but not trans* protections: How GENDA died - Autostraddle

Retired Texas pastor to begin performing weddings for gay couples - PinkNews

Second gay couple alleges discrimination at Colombia airport - Washington Blade

Virginia lawmakers kill two pro-LGBT bills - Washington Blade

State finds Oregon bakery discriminated by refusing to make wedding cake for lesbians - Gay Star News

Annise Parker, Houston Mayor, marries Kathy Hubbard in California ceremony - The Huffington Post

Massachusetts announces it will recognize Utah's gay couples' marriages - PinkNews

Rev. Thomas Ogletree, another Methodist pastor, to be tried for presiding at wedding of gay son - The Huffington Post

Trans woman dares Bible-quoting councilman to stone her to death - The Advocate

Anti-LGBT organization again takes aim at Colorado trans student "Jane Doe" - The Advocate

VIDEO: Lesbian parents not recognized as married, son denied social security benefits - Towleroad

Florida supermarket Publix fined $100K for firing gay employee - Towleroad


Transgender people are paying the price for the media's willful ignorance - BuzzFeed

Four New Year's resolutions for LGBT women of color in 2014 - Elixhir

"Nobody knows my life but me": An elegy for Dr. V - Feministing

What the LGBT equality movement should learn from Martin Luther King Jr. - The Huffington Post

Op-ed: Yeah, yeah, we know, smoking is bad - The Advocate

After I came out as a transgender man, I was asked if it felt like I had died - BuzzFeed

Why I wrote the first post-DADT repeal gay Iraq War memoir - The Huffington Post

Oh, you're tired of people being "outraged"? - The Huffington Post

A real, honest conversation between a gay African-American man and a transgender African-American woman about the "T" in the LGBT family - The Huffington Post

Support HR 1843: Repeal HIV Discrimination Act - The Huffington Post

An open letter: From a gay man, to America - The Huffington Post


Great news, everyone! There's a cure for bisexuality! - After Ellen

"House" star Hugh Laurie calls for Russian vodka boycott, reconsiders after fury - Towleroad

Jamie Chung on Mulan's bisexuality in "Once Upon a Time" and her new role in "Believe" - After Ellen

Lance Bass' failed journey to space made him fear for his life - BuzzFeed

Fun. plans to raise funds for at-risk LGBT Detroit youth, Ruth Ellis Center - The Huffington Post

Angel Haze and Sia team up for new single - Gay Star News

"Appropriate behavior": The Sundance film for the Persian bisexual in all of us - BuzzFeed

Sexuality and gender are fluid on "House of Lies"  - After Ellen

"Looking" for representation: Five other shows that paved the way for the sexy new HBO series - Queerty

The true story behind Philomenia (caution: spoilers ahead) - OUT

One Direction's Liam Payne supports homophobic Duck Dynast "family values" - Queerty


PHOTOS: Soccer fans take a stand for LGBT Nigerians - The Advocate

ESPN responds to criticism of Grantland's "Dr.V" story - BuzzFeed

Gay NFL star Jerry Smith's career examined in groundbreaking broadcast - Towleroad

About. Damn. Times. A sports network takes on what no one wants to talk about in locker rooms - Upworthy

NBC's Maria Sharapova isn't going to talk about LGBT people - The Advocate

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GLAAD and Interscope Records today released “Hands,” a musical tribute to the victims of Orlando, featuring Mary J Blige, Jason Derulo, Tyler Glenn, Selena Gomez, Halsey, Ty Herndon, Imagine Dragons, Juanes, Adam Lambert, Mary Lambert, Jennifer Lopez, the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, Kacey Musgraves, MNEK, Alex Newell, P!nk, Prince Royce, Nate Ruess, RuPaul, Troye Sivan, Jussie Smollett, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, and Meghan Trainor. The tribute will be made available in the U.S. at iTunes exclusively.