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GLAAD Link - your daily round-up of LGBT news, January 16, 2014


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Today's top LGBT news headlines. For more news updated throughout the day, visit


Russia accuses Europe of trying to push "queers" as normal on rest of the world - Gay Star News

Spousal veto amendment is a victory for trans equality in Scotland - PinkNews

Virgin CEO Richard Branson to work with Nigeria on LGBT equality - Gay Star News

Gay community faces backlash in Germany - Towleroad

Nigeria: 11 Muslim men accused of being gay face possible death sentence by religious court - PinkNews

Former Mozambique President calls for LGBT equality in Africa - BuzzFeed

Gay internet liberated for millions of users as Dell drops filter - Gay Star News

Former anti-gay employers top gay-friendly employer list - Gay Star News

Federal agency reviewing trans-exclusionary insurance policies - Advocate

Uganda's gay porn obsession: Why a nation with anti-gay laws is leading the way - The Huffington Post

Amid arrests and trials, UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon expresses "deep concern" over Nigeria's "Jail the Gays" law - Gay Star News

Russia accuses EU of "aggressive propaganda of homosexual love" - Advocate


Lesbian woman writes letter responding to neighbor's comment - The Huffington Post

Indiana Gov. Mike Pense signals support for anti-gay amendment, will speak to hate group - Towleroad

Gay West Hollywood councilman defends removal of rainbow pride flag at City Hall - Gay Star News

Utah's 1,300 gay weddings spark change in attitudes - Washington Blade

Republican congressman: Judges who support marriage equality need "basic plumbing lessons" - BuzzFeed

Oklahoma's governor is "disappointed" and "troubled" by judge's ruling that struck down ban on marriage equality - Gay Star News

Delaware to recognize Utah's gay couples' marriages - Washington Blade

Two Ohio teens commit suicide as a result of alleged bullying - Queerty


Poverty grinds down LGBT equality - The Huffington Post

The academic feminist: Finding LGBT feminist community in academia - Feministing

It's time for progressive Christians to take a stand for marriage equality - The Huffington Post

15 ladies who were writing lesbian love letters before you got born - Autostraddle

Should travelers boycott anti-gay and anti-trans countries? - Gay Star News

Op-ed: When stigma overshadows the news - Advocate

22 things you'll understand if you were raised by two moms - BuzzFeed

Global LGBT advocacy: Are we doing good or harm? - Gay Star News

Shining a light on stigma in a web 2.0 world - The Huffington Post


NBC officially greenlights TV pilot for bisexual DC Comics character - Advocate

LGBT nominations scarce at 2014 Oscars - Gay Star News

GBF makes the gay best friend more than just the hottest accessory - Queerty

Why HBO's "Looking" is the honest gay series we've been waiting for - BuzzFeed

The 14 most important LGBT shows on TV right now - After Ellen

Mommies dearest: Mothers and gay sons on film - Advocate

Fox News' Keith Ablow: "I am not convinced" being transgender exists - The Huffington Post

Some advice for Leto & McConaughey's potential Oscar speeches - Advocate


Billie Jean King tells Colbert she's not afraid to keep it real at Sochi - BuzzFeed

Football managers given lessons on how to deal with gay players - Gay Star News

Johnny Weir: My Sochi Olympics views prompted a backlash from the LGBT community - The Huffington Post

IOC'S Mario Pescante rips US for including openly gay athletes in official delegation to Sochi - The Huffington Post

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