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2 out of 3 LGBT Australian young people still experience bullying in 2014 - Gay Star News

Gay men's retail store features gay Jewish Holocaust mannequin to campaign Russia's anti-gay laws - PinkNews

Trans woman releases bathroom-finder app Refuge Restrooms - The Advocate

Labour MP Diane Abbott calls on UK to use "soft power" against homophobia in Africa - PinkNews

Azerbaijan: Suicide of leading LGBT equality advocate sparks first "LGBT news conference" - PinkNews

The 25 most shocking anti-gay stories from Russia so far - PinkNews

Russia makes first arrests of Sochi Olympics under anti-gay law - Gay Star News

Cyprus to hold its first ever Gay Pride this year  - Gay Star News

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister: Gay people at Sochi are fine but "do not touch kids" - Gay Star News

UN Secretary General: "We must all raise out voices" against homophobia - The Advocate

Latin American LGBT advocates visit US - Washington Blade

Chobani Yogurt CEO: "We oppose Russia's anti-LGBT law" - Towleroad

Right wing groups boycott Girl Scout cookies over lesbian role models, "very liberal" activities - Towleroad

Russian advocates cited for protest linking Olympics to 1936 Berlin Games - The Advocate

At National Prayer Breakfast, Obama condemns "twisted" antigay religion - The Advocate

Ugandan "scientists" claim gays are "made not born" - The Advocate

Google comes out in support of gays at the Olympics - OUT

Budweiser will not be throwing a party at the Sochi Olympics - Towleroad


Kansas house panel advances bill allowing religion-based discrimination against gay community  - Towleroad

Big love: A Mormon lesbian's quest for marriage equality - The Huffington Post

Transgender student from Charlotte, NC nominated for homecoming - Towleroad


Confirmed: Fake lesbian duo tATu will perform at Sochi opener - Gay Star News

The super gay history of the Olympics - The Huffington Post

6 reasons journalists are freaked out about Sochi - Autostraddle

15 ways "Cadet Kelly" was secretly about being gay - BuzzFeed

Where Piers Morgan went wrong - The Huffington Post

Russian profiles in courage - The Huffington Post


Black Canary is a totally bisexual superhero on "Arrow," kissed a hot lady on TV last night - Autostraddle

Ingrid Michaelson's new music video gender swaps an '80s classic - BuzzFeed

Channel 4's "rainbow branded" message to Olympic athletes is something you don't want to miss - PinkNews

Pussy Riot, Tegan and Sara, Madonna team up for Amnesty International concert in NYC - After Ellen

The story behind why an "American Idol" contestant came out on the show - BuzzFeed

Andrew Dost, Fun. band member on why he supports LGBT equality - The Huffington Post

Shocking death threat to 5 year old actress after her Disney TV show featured lesbian moms - Gay Star News


VIDEO: Out Dutch snowboarder Cheryl Maas makes LGBT equality statement on Sochi Slope - Towleroad

Chris Kluwe implores Olympians to speak out against Russia's abuses - Towleroad

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