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Putin's new media chief is journalist who said "gay people's organs should be burned" - Gay Star News

Trans woman footballer banned from local team until two years after gender confirmation operation - PinkNews

US, UK activists urge Jamaicans to keep LGBT relationships illegal - BuzzFeed

Fortune 500 firms expand LGBT equality support after DOMA decision - The Huffington Post

Rio de Janeiro hosts world's largest legal mass wedding for gay couples - Gay Star News

Australian government and Greens block marriage equality referendum - Gay Star News

Church of England comes close to electing its first gay bishop - Gay Star News

Israeli government "doesn't need to recognize" gay people, claims minister - Gay Star News

Raped and persecuted lesbian faces deportation from UK to Uganda - Gay Star News

Congressional Hispanic caucus votes to endorse ENDA - Towleroad

Advocates send complaints about shocking "ex-gay" conversion therapy in China - Gay Star News

LGBT advocates call for more global funding at Berlin conference - Washington Blade

Kolbe wants Republican leaders to condemn Rep. Forbes - Washington Blade

Gay teen killed and dismembered in Peru - Gay Star News

Australia's first weddings between gay couples take place ahead of court ruling - The Huffington Post

Catholic group banned from Irish uni over "I'm a child of God. Don't call me gay" posters - Gay Star News

LGBT catholic news recap: Five and a half things to know - Autostraddle

Turkey's LGBT equality groups express shock that LGBT abuse isn't deemed a hate crime - The Huffington Post


North Carolina's Myrtle Grove Christian school to refuse state money over anti-gay policy - The Huffington Post

Closeted Harvard students inadvertently outed by Facebook - Towleroad

Gay teacher fired after obtaining marriage license - Advocate

Fourth openly gay man appointed to Washington House - Towleroad

Bullied Minnesota student calls for ban on "ex-gay" therapy for LGBT kids - Towleroad

Gay couples' weddings made up seventeen percent of Washington weddings last year - Towleroad

Prospective AIDS cure fails in 2 Boston patients - Out

New York attorney claims murderer of trans woman shouldn't face harsh sentence - Gay Star News

Colorado school board member stands by transphobic "castration" remarks - Gay Star News

Colorado bakery's refusal to bake wedding cake for gay couple is discrimination, judge rules - Advocate


Myths about gender confirmation surgery - The Huffington Post

Nelson Mandela's impact on LGBT equality discussed by South African journalist Mark Gevisser - The Huffington Post

These couples prove love is love - Advocate

Don Weise's many years publishing LGBT literature offer a unique and encouraging perspective - The Huffington Post

My letter to the bishop who judged the Methodist minister who officiated his gay son's wedding -- and her amazing response - The Huffington Post

I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching my gender - The Huffington Post

The top 10 myths about LGBT couples' weddings and the data that dispel them - The Huffington Post

The death of HIV advocacy? - The Huffington Post

What's LGBT on Kickstarter: Three projects worth looking at - Towleroad

When the vows break: Why pre-nups are essential for LGBT couples who are getting married - The Huffington Post

What to do if you face anti-LGBT discrimination at work - PinkNews

The Supreme Court will rule on Obamacare's contraception requirement. Here's why you should care. - Towleroad

Attention straight people: being gay isn't a stereo system with controlled volumes - The Huffington Post

Where are all the young femme lesbians? We are right here! - The Huffington Post


LGBT allies Macklemore & Ryan Lewis receive Grammy nomination for "Same Love" - Gay Star News

Gay parents on TV: Why the "New Normal" is no longer just the nuclear family - The Huffington Post

VIDEO: Elton John speaks out for LGBT rights at Moscow concert - PinkNews

VIDEO: Icona Pop, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo Duo, talk about their relationship with the LGBT community - The Huffington Post

Egyptian censors demand that 13 scenes be cut from first gay film - PinkNews


With German president ditching Sochi, what will the US do? - BuzzFeed

Lady Gaga says athletes should boycott Sochi Winter Olympics - BuzzFeed

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