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GLAAD Link - your daily round-up of LGBT news, December 30, 2013


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Today's top LGBT news headlines. For more news updated throughout the day, visit


Homeless trans woman Andrea Quintero's funeral held by Jesuits at "Church of Francis" in Rome - The Huffington Post

Venezuelan government urged to offer asylum to gay Ugandans - Gay Star News

Facebook just banned 106 users for posting this "offensive" photo of two men kissing - Queerty

Cuba implements protections for workers based on orientation - Towleroad

Boy Scouts of America prepared to open ranks for gay members come 2014 - Gay Star News

NY Times op-ed looks at life under Russia's "gay propaganda" ban - Towleroad

Pope Francis' representative to Uganda concerned by new anti-gay law - Gay Star News

Gambian president calls LGBT people a "social cancer" in Christmas message - Gay Star News

Coca-Cola publishes photos of LGBT equality advocates against its Sochi 2014 sponsorship - PinkNews

Spain colludes with Russia to ban LGBT people from adopting Russian children - Towleroad

Thai advocates announce plans for LGBT political party - Gay Star News

Anti-gay bishop says he was just following Pope's orders - Advocate

Why does the Irish version of this Coca-Cola advert omit a gay couple? - PinkNews

VIDEO: AMC Theaters hosts screening of film by Focus on the Family - Towleroad

Irish government minister comments on equal marriage by saying "we have had enough of this s**t" - PinkNews


Missing trans teen in Hawaii has been found - TransGriot

LGBT couples shatter marriage records in Utah - The Huffington Post

VIDEO: Southern California high schooler honored by GLSEN, steps up as LGBT leader - Towleroad

Houston's lesbian mayor rumored to wed partner of 23 years - Gay Star News

VIDEO:Utah to spend $2 million defending gay marriage ban - Towelroad

Florida Democrats hope to push forward with LGBT equalit bills in 2014 - PinkNews

Eugene Woodworth dies days after defying Oregon's ban and marrying his partner of 60 years - Queerty


The fifteen most inspiring LGBT stories of 2013 - PinkNews

Indiana GOP: While banning LGBT relationships, why not enact white supremacy, too? - The Huffington Post

The 35 most powerful kisses of 2013 show how love trumped all else - The Huffington Post

Real winners of marriage equality? Kids - The Huffington Post

Re: Duck Dynasty: Hollywood, go screw yourself - The Huffington Post

Best gay photography - Advocate

LGBT misinformer of the year: The Pacific Justice Institute - Equality Matters

What's wrong with what Phil Robertson Said? - The Huffington Post

Out of rage: Ani DiFranco's not-so-righteous retreat - Autostraddle


Sarah Palin's friend "who happens to be gay" emerges in Duck Dynasty debate - The Huffington Post

Sarah Palin admits she defended Phil Robertson's anti-gay remarks before even reading them - The Huffington Post

Emmerdale cuts transphobic scene after trans actress complains - PinkNews

17 reasons to bring back "The L Word" and 5 reasons to just let it go - BuzzFeed

Freddie Smith hopes audiences will accept new version of popular gay couple on Days of Our Lives - Gay Star News

Is Laverne Cox becoming an icon? - Towleroad

GLAAD: A&E choosing profits over African American and gay people - Towleroad

Moscow official shuts down screening of Pussy Riot documentary - Towleroad

Autostraddle's favorite LGBT TV characters of 2013 - Autostraddle

"The Vampire Diaries" to introduce a gay character in current season - The Huffington Post

Good morning Gaymerica: Robin Roberts is gay, has a girlfriend - Autostraddle

Free CeCe! Documentary being filmed - TransGriot


Super Bowl MVP winner Aaron Rodgers allegedly outed by rumored boyfriend - Queerty

England Women's football captain: "I'd like to see a day when male players aren't afraid to come out" - PinkNews

Canada prepares for things to go wrong in Sochi - Advocate

NBA legend's son is an openly gay DJ - Out

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At the close of the 2014 World Cup, GLAAD was joined by over 25 U.S. and international LGBT and human rights organizations today in a letter to FIFA requesting concrete action to address homophobia in the game and anti-gay chants yelled in the stands.