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NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL Bisexuals will not be charged double to search for both men and women - PinkNews

OKCupid CEO apologizes for supporting anti-gay candidate - The Advocate

VIDEO: Lyndon B. Johnson's daughters: He would have supported marriage equality - Towleroad

Ugandan police spent weeks undercover before raiding US-backed HIV center - BuzzFeed

It Gets Better Project to host Google Hangout "illustrations" about toys and gender - The Huffington Post

Just talking about marriage equality with anti-gay voters can shift opinions, study shows - The Huffington Post

Obamacare bars discrimination based on gender identity but not sexual orientation: HHS official - The Huffington Post

Fired, harassed LGBT workers wonder why Obama won't "stick his neck out" on ENDA - The Huffington Post

South African President Jacob Zuma says he respects Uganda's right to criminalize gay people - Gay Star News

Peter Tatchell: How can Nicky Morgan be Minister for Women when she's against lesbians marrying? - PinkNews

VIDEO: CNN and Fox News completely ignored Mississippi's new anti-gay segregation law - Towleroad

Anti-gay US activist claims Nazis "were creating a homosexual special race" - Gay Star News

Republican former US Senator Alan Simpson says it's time for marriage equality - Instinct

Anglican Church head says acceptance of marriage equality puts Christians at risk of attack - Instinct

Saudi police arrest 35 people for being at an alleged "gay party" - Gay Asia News

Marriage equality in Taiwan lacks force of law despite social acceptance - Gay Asia News


Reward offered for recovery of Houston lesbian couple's car - Elixher

Utah theater responds to homophobic patron - The Advocate

University of Kentucky asks students if being gay is a sin - The Advocate

Gay Marine inspires straight Sergeant to speak out eloquently more marriage equality - Queerty

Gay US scout leader defies sacking: "I will remain in my post," with the support of his church - PinkNews

Ohio lawmaker calls judge's striking down of marriage equality ban "epic display of arrogance and incompetence" - Gay Star News

VIDEO: Mick Huckabee tells Iowa crowd: "I'm not homophobic," just on "the right side of the Bible" - Towleroad

Patricia Field deletes instagram post after her store's account uses slur in caption - BuzzFeed


Transgender sexual violence survivors are slipping through the system - The Huffington Post

Lez chic: 7 lesbian style icons - AfterEllen

You need to see this 1988 heterosexual women's guide to lesbian encounters - BuzzFeed

HuffPost Live discusses queer sex education - The Huffington Post

Welcome to the Black Trans Renaissance! - TransGriot

A transgender blessing - The Advocate

Christian community as safe pasture: A challenge to George Fox University's false witness - The Huffington Post

I came out, now how do I get in? The dilemma of being a queer crip - The Huffington Post

VIDEO: On being gay in a fraternity in Mississippi - The Huffington Post


Beyonce covers Out Magazine, talks sexual liberation - The Huffington Post

Watch now! Sara Gilbert gushes about her wedding to Linda Perry - AfterEllen

Lena Dunham opens up about lesbian sister while accepting Point Foundation Award for LGBT advocacy - The Huffington Post

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and husband talk marriage and equality - Instinct


Brittney Griner talks new book, being a role model, & more with ELIXHER - Elixher

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