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Ukraine LGBT advocate welcomes closer ties to Europe - Washington Blade

No gays allowed in Nintendo's new life sim game - Queerty

VIDEO: Sprint calls man "gay sissyboy" in customer service email - Towleroad

Spain opens first gay retirement home - Gay Star News

First country in Europe protects trans people in constitution - Gay Star News

40% of straight women have had a same-sex experience - Gay Star News

Distinguished medical journal: Marriage equality makes families healthier - The Advocate

Right-wing  homophobe Laura Ingraham is joining ABC News - Queerty

Watch anti-gay activists arrested at Canadian University - The Advocate

How a trans rights ruling could save LGBT equality in India - BuzzFeed

WATCH: Bishop Robinson talks "OMG" moment at White House Prayer Breakfast - The Advocate

Anglican priest defies church, marries partner - The Advocate

GaymerX Convention for LGBT gamers shutters after second year - Queerty

Malta lawmakers approve civil unions, adoption bill - Washington Blade

Turkey plans special LGBT segregated jail facility - Gay Star News

Pentagon official to deliver keynote at LGBT military dinner - Washington Blade


Colorado pastor says putting gays in a Honey Maid ad is like promoting axe murder, cannibalism - Towleroad

Bill to ban "ex-gay" therapies on minors voted down in Illinois - Gay Star News

VIDEO: Alabama woman charged with murder after shooting gay son's boyfriend - Towleroad

Man sentenced to 30 months in prison after trying to beat the gay out of his disabled brother - Towleroad

Boston Pride announces five headline musical acts for 2014 festival - The Rainbow Times

Cleveland cabbies refuse to drive Gay Games taxis - The Advocate

Louisiana votes to keep unconstitutional law criminalizing sodomy - Towleroad

Couple plans own prom after student says school barred her from bringing her transgender boyfriend - BuzzFeed

School board lets trans teacher keep her job - Queerty

South Carolina pols continue critique of college over LGBT "recruitment" - The Advocate


Overpolicing language? Seriously? - TransGriot

10 LGBT women kicking butt in politics worldwide - Autostraddle

Op-ed: How not to react when an LGBT teacher is fired - The Advocate

The importance of being born black and gay - The Huffington Post

When visibility becomes power - OUT

Reina Gossett, CeCe McDonald, and Dean Spade sit down to talk prison abolition - Autostraddle

What does LGBT power look like in 2014? - OUT

Attacking the "all trans women are sex workers" meme - TransGriot

Meet the real Alex Vause: Catherine Cleary Wolters has mixed feelings about "Orange is the New Black" - Autostraddle

8 pieces of LGBT spoken word poetry that will leave you speechless - BuzzFeed


Laverne Cox delivers keynote speech at "Trans 100" Gala - The Huffington Post

Ellen DeGeneres named most powerful gay US celebrity - PinkNews

Meet the most powerful gay media personalities - The Huffington Post

Alan Carr: "The most homophobia I get is from gays" - PinkNews

Chaz Bono talks trans issues on RuPaul's Drag Race - The Advocate

Popular gay-themed web series EastSiders turns to Kickstarter to fund second season - Gay Star News


The NFL should accept openly gay players: An open letter from a football fan - The Huffington Post

Golfer who agrees that being gay is an "open rebellion to God" wins Masters - PinkNews

Members of Congress urge Olympic Committee to add LGBT protections - BuzzFeed

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