GLAAD to Bubba Watson: Christians are embracing LGBT people

Golfer Bubba Watson this week tweeted his support for ESPN analyst Chris Broussard who responded to Jason Collins' coming out by saying he believed being gay is an "open rebellion to God." Watson tweeted, "Thanks @Chris_Broussard for sharing your faith & the bible!! #GodIsGood"

GLAAD responded by tweeting a CNN op-ed to Watson by our own Ross Murray, who wrote why so many Christians are embracing their LGBT neighbors. 

In the op-ed, Murray writes:

Although there is still a variety of scriptural interpretations, an increasing number of Christians are reading scripture and understanding that God’s design for the world includes LGBT people. It follows, good Christians believe, that if God made them, then I am called to love and support them.

We hope Watson and Broussard take a moment to embrace and support their LGBT neighbors.

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Photo Credit: GLAAD

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