Gay California teacher and football coach harassed and fired

Burke Wallace was an English teacher and the head varsity football coach at Livermore Valley Charter Prep High School in 2012 until he was terminated because he is a gay man. According to court documents filed in Alameda County Superior Court, Wallace was fired from his coaching duties this spring and was forced to leave his teaching job due to the harassment and stress. 

 "He was wrongfully terminated because of his sexual orientation, and the (school's) administration is responsible for that," said John Furstenthal, Wallace's attorney. "They may try to come up with all these different excuses, but I don't think they'll hold water in court." Furstenthal said Wallace's sexuality was no secret and that some parents and administrators objected to him coaching the team. The suit claims Wallace's supervisors openly discussed his orientation and "how it was a bad idea having a gay football coach." According to court documents, Wallace was fired from his coaching duties this spring and was forced to leave his teaching job as a result of harassment and stress. Wallace could not be reached for comment. 

Burke Wallace's firing is a prime example of the on-the-job discrimination and harassment LGBT people are forced to contend with. Burke's firing, along with too many other LGBT people, goes to the core of this countries need to pass a fully-inclusive, nation-wide Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Contact your US Representative and let them know you support ENDA and full equality for the LGBT community. '

Contra Costa Times has more on the story.  

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