Gas attack in Moscow gay nightclub

"Central Statation", a popular gay nightclub in Moscow, was the victim of a gas attack. Anti-LGBT criminals released an unknown gas on November 23, 2013 while some 500 patrons enjoyed a night of music. This is the fourth attack "Central Station" has come under. Employees of the club immediately turned on a smoke removal fan to help remove the unknown gas. Several patrons needed to be hospitalized.

“Today is the fourth provocation against the club arranged by unknown persons. We believe that they are connected with the building owner”,  says Andrey Leschinsky, the club general director. “They are spaying the gas inside the club premises, thereby trying to express their extremist views against LGBT community, which likes to visit our club”.

Andrey Leschinsky stressed that that in addition to gas attacks there were other indidents against the club. About a week ago, unknown visitors threatened the club and even shot a gun.

A police report was filed to find the perpetrators and prevent such horrendous acts of violence against the LGBT community. has more on the attack.

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Photo Credit: GLAAD

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