Frenchie Davis Turns Bad Interview Into Teachable Moment

Singer Frenchie Davis, who has appeared on American Idol and The Voice, isn’t letting a bad interview keep her down or stifle her efforts to foster a healthy dialogue about homophobia in the black community. Instead, she is speaking up about a why an incident with Tom Joyner Morning Show Host Jacque Reid has further inspired her to keep on speaking out for LGBT communities.

According to Frenchie, on Friday she was intereviwed by members of the Tom Joyner Morning show crew. And  while the conversation was supposed to be about her coming out process, it turned into a back-and-forth exchange in which she was ridiculed and accused of hiding her sexual orientation.

“I was really excited to do this interview because I’ve been a diligent servant for human rights and equality my entire life, and I grew up under the impression that Tom Joyner and the cast of his Morning Show were as well,” Frenchie told GLAAD. “ So when the interview was presented to me as an opportunity to begin healthy dialogue about acceptance and homophobia in the Black community, I gladly accepted.”

However despite doing a pre-interview with the team, Frenchie says the interview she was looking forward to, turned out to be 3 mins of disrespect and mockery.

“Sadly, it became clear after the first question followed by disrespectful commentary and snickering in the background, that they saw this as an opportunity to make a mockery out of something that could have been a learning experience for all of us,” Davis said.

“Had this been a race issue in which a biracial person was forced to identify themselves as either black or white, members of the Black community would be offended. This is comparable to them attempting to bully me into labeling myself as lesbian, when I am bisexual.  I was heartbroken and disappointed to be treated with such disdain by members of my own community…and their refusal to acknowledge that it could have been handled better is just sad.”

The Tom Joyner Morning Show has been an ally to the LGBT community, often raising important topics that impact our everyday lives, and has directly challenged homophobia. While we are disappointed that this interview was handled in such a manner, we commended Frenchie on her continued professionalism and strides to raise awareness about bisexual women and LGBT people.

GLAAD reached out to Jacque concerning this issue but received no reply.