Florida teen facing serious charges filed by her girlfriend's anti-gay parents

Kaitlyn Hunt, age 18, is being prosecuted for two felony counts of “lewd and lascivious battery on a child 12-16 years of age” due to her long-term, committed relationship with another teenage girl.

Kaitlyn's parents, in Palm Bay Florida, started a petition on change.org asking Bruce Colton, Indian River County State Attorney and Brian Workman, Assistant State Attorney to drop the charges pressed by the parents of Kaitlyn's girlfriend. 

Kaitlyn and her 15 year-old girlfriend had been dating since Kaitlyn was 17.  Her girlfriend's parents, unhappy about their daughter's relationship, waited until Kaitlyn turned 18, then pressed charges. Kaitlyn's girlfriend has made it clear that this was a consensual relationship, however her parents blamed Kaitlyn for their daughter's sexual orientation. 

Kaitlyn has now been expelled from Florida's Sebastian River High School where she achieved good grades and participated in cheerleading, basketball and chorus.  Kaitlyn, who was even voted “most school spirit”, is now facing serious felony charges, simply because she fell in love with a fellow teenager and her girlfriend's parents were not accepting.  If she is convicted Kaitlyn could face prison or house arrest, would have to register as a sex offender and live out the rest of her life labled as a convicted felon. 

Diligent action is needed to convince Bruce Colton and Brian Workman to drop the charges pressed against 18 year old Kaitlyn and give her the opportunity to pursue the fulfilling life she deserves to lead. The petition on change.org has over 58,000 signatures from those showing their support for Kaitlyn.  Her parents are aiming for 75,000 signatures in hope that the voices of those who recognize this as unfair will convince Colton and Workman to drop the charges against their daughter.  We encourage you to add your support and signature at change.org to ensure Kaitlyn is treated fairly, and that the law is not being used against her simply because she was in a same-sex relationship.