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First transgender member of European Parliament


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Nikki Sinclaire, a British member of the European Parliament, revealed that she is a transgender woman. In her new book, Ms. Sinclaire tells how she decided to transition over 20 years ago. She did so because if she hadn’t she "would have led a lonely, neurotic life, forever out of place".

In her new autobiography Never Give Up, released on November 25, Ms Sinclaire writes for the first time about her “great secret” of growing up as a boy. Until now it was only “close friends and family” were aware of her past, which “tormented” her early years.

In an interview with The Sun on Sunday Ms Sinclaire said she lived as a man until she was 23, before having her gender reassignment surgery on the NHS. “I don’t want my past to overshadow it and believe my constituents will continue to support me,” she said.

For more about Ms. Nikki Sinclaire, go to The Independent.


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