Finding love in the lumber aisle - Home Depot proposal

Remember the on-stage proposal at Rodgers + Hammerstein's CINDERELLA last weekend?  Well, challenge accepted.  Last Wednesday, Utah not-so-hopeless romantic Spencer Stout uploaded a video of his epic proposal to his now-fiancee Dustin.  Since then, it's garnered over 1,700,000 views. 

Under the ever-dubious pretense of party planning, Dustin's roommate led him to Home Depot's lumber aisle, where a mob of friends and family began performing an adorably choreographed dance to Betty Who's "Somebody Loves You."  Dustin's reactions, which waver between waving hello and overwhelmed chest-clutching, are nothing short of downright precious.  Finally, Spencer joins the scene, and that's about the point where you feel your entire face tense up to keep from sobbing.  See for yourself:

Home Depot has a history of supporting LGBT equality, and most notably rebuffed a boycott campaign by anti-gay hate group, The American Family Association, in 2011.  Nevertheless, I'm not entirely sure why Home Depot was the location Spencer picked-- perhaps an elaborate "turn this house into a home" Luther Vandross reference?-- but I'll never be able to browse paint swatches again without choking back a few tears.