'Faking It' premieres tonight on MTV; EP Carter Covington speaks with Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke with Carter Covington, the executive producer of new MTV comedy Faking It premiering tonight, about the series premise and writing LGBT stories, including working with us at GLAAD. Faking It follows high school best friends who are mistaken for a lesbian couple and decide to go it when they see the positive attention it brings to them at school, but one of the girls may find she has real feelings for her friend.

"In one of the early episodes, Amy and Shane (one of the openly gay students) have a deep heart to heart about her feelings toward her friend Karma.

Shane is going to be her gay Sherpa. In an episode, he takes her to a lesbian coffee shop -- she wants to meet a girlfriend so she can stop having these feelings for Karma. It's wonderful to work with Michael Willett, who is a young, openly gay actor who embodies the spirit of Shane. He has no qualms about his sexuality and I think that's a remarkable story, that an actor can do a role like this, be openly gay and be happy about it. It makes me very happy to have an actor like him playing this role."

Faking It premieres tonight on MTV at 10:30pm, read Covington's full interview at The Hollywood Reporter.