"Ex-Gay" in NJ?" Do the right thing, Governor Christie!

This week, the New Jersey State Senate passed a bill that would ban the use of so-called “ex gay” therapy on minors in a 28-9 vote. Organizations including Garden State Equality have been working to pass this critical measure to protect LGBT youth, which was approved earlier this week by the State Assembly, and now goes onto Gov. Chris Christie for consideration. Gov. Chrisite’s office has declined to comment on whether he will sign or veto the bill once it reaches his desk. If Christie signs, New Jersey will join California in passing such a bill into law. 

Garden State Equality has started a petition urging Governor Christie to sign the bill - you can add your name to it here. An earlier petition, started by teenager Jacob Rudolph on Change.org, also urges Christie to support the measure, and has more than 140,000 signatures. (Jacob will be walking with GLAAD at Pride this weekend in New York.)

The misguided attempt to change an individual’s sexual orientation is a practice that has been widely discredited by the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and dozens of other experts and organizations in the medical and scientific communities. Alan Chambers, founder of the so-called “ex-gay” group Exodus International, recently announced that the organization is closing down and offered an apology for the damage done during its three-plus decades of operation.

“This bill would offer legal protection to New Jersey youth from the harmful practice of so-called ‘ex-gay’ therapy,” said GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz. “Those still attempting to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of young people, and causing immeasurable damage in the process, must be held accountable.”

GLAAD encourages the media to report on this important development for New Jersey, and urges journalists to continue exposing the lies and irrationality of “ex-gay” therapy.