D.L. Hughley Criticizes Chick-Fil-A's Anti-Gay Stance

On Tuesday’s episode of The View, actor and comedian D.L. Hughley condemned Chick-FIl-A for its continued anti-gay stance and offered soft support for the protests against the franchise.

When asked by Elizabeth Hessleback what his views were regarding the national outcry against the CEO and COO Dan Cathy’s stance on gay marriage, Hughley said: “This is a horrible thing for me because I love that chicken sandwich and I’m opposed to their stance on gay marriage.”

Pressure has been mounting against the franchise after documents revealed that in 2010 Chick-Fil-A has donated $2 million dollars to anti-LGBT organizations, including Exodus International, the National Christian Foundation, the Family Research Council, and the Marriage and Family Foundation. Chick-Fil-A President and COO Dan Cathy believes that marriage equality is "inviting God's judgment;" and that our pro-LGBT culture has a "deprived mind." The company also bans same-sex couples from its WinShape Retreat. In light of this statement, a number of individuals and groups have taken action against the company.

D.L. Hughley, who also has been critiziced for making anti-gay comments in the past, this morning joined countless other celebrities who have joined GLAAD and the LGBT movement in calling Chick-Fil-A to cut its ties with organizations that treat LGBT people like second-class citizens.

Watch this clip of The View starting at 1:40:

For more information about Chick-Fil-A's continued anti-gay stance, visit http://glaad.org/chick-fil-a

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